14 Nov

Presenting Multitalented DhoomBros

By Alina Jawwad

DhoomBros is a fun group of 4 amazingly talented boys. Their goal is to bring smiles to our face through their videos. They are dancers, actors, singers, DJs and YouTubers as well. They have thousands of fans worldwide! Smash brings an exclusive interview with the amazingly, entertaining, talented boys. Don’t forget to watch their videos.



Q) Who came up with the name DhoomBros?

A: The idea of calling ourselves the “DhoomBros” is pretty much within the name itself: “Dhoom”Bros. We ended up performing to ‘DhoomMachale’, from the 2006 Bollywood film, Dhoom 2, in a school Talent Show. The song was a huge hit amongst South Asians but the Western world was unaware of it. Everyone in the school loved it; students, teachers, and even the Principal had all raised their hands in the air and began singing along. It was quite humbling for us to get that kind of recognition in a very diverse school. This appreciation is what motivated us to do more. That is when we decided to call ourselves the DhoomBros.


Q) How did you guys end up making videos? Whose idea was it to upload them on YouTube?

A: In the beginning, we had started off by making low quality videos. We didn’t expect them to get the attention they receive now, so we would just record ourselves beating each other up simply for fun. Our friends then saw the videos and liked them, and we thought of continuing to make more videos, but with more appreciable content and quality. Initially, we did not have much hope, but now it’s more of a profession, for lack of a better word, and the entertainment field is something we all want to be a part of.


Q) Who is more supportive, family or friends?

A: Our families have always been very supportive. From the time we first debuted as YouTubers until now, our parents would make sure that we did not lack any equipment that we would need to shoot a video or short film. As Pakistanis, this is a blessing because it is uncommon to see Pakistani parents supporting their children when it comes to the entertainment industry.


Q) What are your greatest achievements?

A: Recently, our main Facebook page was verified, which was commendable to see because we had been entertaining people through videos for over six years now and it was nice to be considered “official” on the most-used form of social media. In addition, we had received an Honourable Mention Award and First Place Award in the Tri-State Area in 2013 for the creation of our short film, ‘The Perfect Memory’. It is presently our longest video and we are proud of it because filming it wasn’t easy, considering we had to shoot in unfavourable conditions.


Q) Did you guys face any hurdles in reaching this point?

A: We have faced a lot of criticism in our early days, but it was a very small ratio compared to the amount of support we had received. We have been very blessed to be able to have the opportunity to make space is everyone’s heart. However, If we had received any constructive criticism, we’d put it into use for our future projects.


Q) What is your dream?

A: Our long-term goal is to enter the film industry. We already know how amazing Bollywood is since we grew up watching Bollywood, but we also want to portray what the Pakistani entertainment industry is capable of. The love for films is probably one of the few mutual interests that both sides of the border share. This is why we want to be able to produce films and in a way, help bridge the gap between Pakistan and India through entertainment.


Q) Do you have any regrets?

A: We actually don’t have any regrets because every step of our journey, both positive and negative, helped in many ways to get where we are today and the entire experience is a very valuable learning process that can only benefit us in the future.


Q) Any embarrassing moment while making a video?

A: When we were making Ellen’s Dance Dare, it was very uncomfortable to dance behind people in a crowded place such as Jackson Heights. But we were able to pull it off, knowing that at the end of the video, it will only be worth watching if we make it happen without being embarrassed.


Q) Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

A: We use every moment we can to come up with new, original video ideas and projects and so we’d like to continue with that for some time. In addition, we are focused on improving our personal interests in the mean time to prepare for our desired career paths. Hussain is currently taking theatre classes to improve his acting skills. Shehryaar and Atif are presently taking filming classes because of their shared interest in direction. Waqas, on the other hand, is focused on business.


Q) How do you bridge with fans?

A: After we release a video, we always look forward to reading people’s comments and constructive criticism on social media. Seeing people’s likes and dislikes of our work help us to improve on our future projects and we try our best to take their suggestions into consideration.


Q) Finally, any message to our readers and your fans?

A: Keep watching DhoomBros. Your love keeps us going and the fact that you guys are so appreciative makes us feel very blessed, we will continue to do hard work and keep giving surprises. And don’t forget to buy Smash Magazine because they’re awesome!

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