22 Jun



Aman Ali,Multan

There are eyes full of tears
Searching for peace here and there
There is sound of terror every where
No one is safe any where
Oh God!
Help us,we are helpless
Children are trembling from fear
But there is no one to hear
Why those people are stone heart
Due to them innocent people hurt.

She comes to her room and throws her bag on the floor
Then she takes off her shoes and closes the door
Breathes a deep breath and lays on her bed
Pulls out a book which she has already read
The headphones are whistling in her ears
Her half room is messy while the other crystal clear
Unties her pony and wears a lousy bun instead
No room to look pretty, things are going great in her head
Her old fashion T-shirt and blue ribbon pyjamas
She’s a pretty normal teenager with very little drama
By Hurmat Hadi

Never be one!!!
I see you,
I hear you,
I smell you,
But can’t sense you,,

I talk with you,
I laugh with you,
I cry with you,
But can’t sit with you,,

I hold you,
I touch you,
I embrace you,
But can’t feel you,,

You are the love,
You are the one,
But I know,
We’ll never be one!!
BY: Muhammad Mughees Qasim Qureshi

Freedom from jail
Freedom from prison
Is the best
Freedom from control
Freedom from rule
Is always good
Pakistan has freedom
Bangladesh has freedom
India has freedom
So can everywhere else
Freedom, Freedom
People wish for this
Freedom is a blessing
Oh God
Give freedom to all
BY: Mohd Danyal Raheel

I am afraid of loneliness.
My heart is full of sadness,when i saw that my friend is trying to leave me.
I can see goose-pimples the size of lemons pop all over me.
I know she will left.
sometimes it is good to be sad.
I should go straight without looking back.
one day she will feel the same pain.
BY: Gulrang Nadeem

Mono no aware
Sara Javed

My life,
has been nostalgic without you.
I can’t help seeing you,
in everything.
The sky,
shines like you at night.
The birds,
chatter like you,
The butterflies,
reciprocate your beauty,
And flowers,
hold your scent.
You’re the universe,
and I am a speck of dust.

The days pass by
And time flies
Now we can’t be together
Just forget forever
But how can I ever forget?
The day when we first met
When I first saw you I asked myself,
How can someone be so perfect?
You were always there to protect
After all our fights
We would just forgive each other
And make things right
But that is the past now
We didn’t last now
Maybe this was meant to be
You will be in my heart forever
Now we are not together
So just

Everyone told me you’ll break my heart
But I believed none of them;
May be that is the reason that it hurts
This fucking bad..
There are moments
When I have flashbacks
Of us sitting alone
Looking into each other’s eyes
Making those unsaid promises..
There are even more frightening flashbacks;
When you used to say you love me alot;
And you are frightened to loose me..
Hah and I used to comfort you by saying
My love; I’m and I’ll be only yours..
I can’t stop dreaming of you..
And you know what hurts the most is
That I love you but you don’t love me..
Anum Munir

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