12 Jan


Maybe We Are dreaming!

Sahal Yawar


The canopy is full of stars

And in the midst of sea

Is a sparkling glee

And on its lovely shore

Alone are me and thee

But deep within my heart

I hear a guy screaming

Maybe we are dreaming!



Mehak Shaikh


Shining my dreams within shiny pearls

Lifting my eyes to the acclivitous sky

Yearning some ambiguous intentions

Love, passion, faith, loyalty, generosity

All it causes the peaceful and great life

Without teasing anybody, so immensely

Leaving the painful past memories behind

Let it far away from me as I see the stars

You have no idea how I feel when I hit it

Closing my eyes, dreaming some images

Held much extraordinary feelings of mine

Love to see the reality with every aspect

Will accept everything whenever I’ll be blessed

Oh my Lord, gimme enough stability

To cover my scars and let my pearls to shine




Fatima-tu-Zahra, Gujranwala


There’s something stupid happening in my mind

I don’t know what it is but i must find

I am so kind

But this is making me a killer

It is getting tough and higher

And i am burning like a fire

Oh, i got it its stupid MATHS

And don’t forget that I’m not a baby playing with a rattle

So get ready to fight in a battle



Ayesha siddiqa khan


Muslim blood is not just water

They are not born just to slaughter

Why everyone is taciturn..?

Why whole world is tight lipped..?

Break the silence

Break the ice

Break the rules

Speak up people it’s time to rule




Noor -e- Fatima


From the window, I saw,

Indulged in his work an old man

With a broomstick in his shaky hand

He cleaned the rubbish, trash and can

His face showed no dismay

A simple old man feeling very gay

Breathe in this world, people there are

Banks filled with money,

Cannot get merriment so far

Enmeshed in my thoughts,

I looked outside

An old man working in a garden nearby


To be human is to fail

Zoya Ashraf


To be human is to fail

So don’t utter a wail

Walk if you can’t run

Crawl if you can’t walk

For that’s a faculty of a snail

But keep your spirits high

Go ahead; mark your trail

For one day; I assure you

From the uncontinuous hindrance

You’ll dig your nail

So neither be weepy, nor lose your hope

That’s a very universal tale

“To be human is to fail”

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