22 Jun

Peshawari Chappals The Uprising Trend


“Made for KHANS and wear by whole PAKISTAN”
Peshawari chappals are nowadays most common footwear, not only by men, but also by women.
Peshawari chappals are mainly known as the traditional footwear of Pakistan. It is special footwear of Pashtuns. It is usually worn by the people of KPK and the people of northern sides, because those areas are dry and hilly as these shoes are comfy and reliable so people love to use these chappals.
The basic region from where the trend of these chappals originate is KPK because after migration many people from Afghanistan and Iran migrate there and set up the business of making these chappals.
The shot basically takes its name from the city “Peshawar” and chappal is the common name given to flip-flops because of their level of comfort and reliability.
This chappal is mostly worn by men, both casually and formally.
Men usually preferred to wear these with shalwar kameez as where it gives the complete traditional look same time it provide the high comfort level, these chappals add charm to the person look.
These chappals are usually used in place of slippers and sandals in Pakistan.
It is semi-closed footwear. Which consist of two wide steps, which are usually made up of pure, soft leather or sometimes the maker Also use skins of different animals, reptiles like snakes, crocodiles, loins etc?
Those two steps are in a cross pattern and there is a strip on the back of the shoe, there is a buckle on that strip which is used to tie the shoe according to the required size and comfort level.
Pure leather is used for making these chappals and the sole of these chappals are made by the trucks tyre because they are heavy and hard this gives them the rigidity.
The makers of these chappals try their best in making these chappals the most attractive one.
They add embroidery on it with different vibrant colors like golden and silver and make some other designs too like ass some cutwork or some other designs like that. Men usually like to have these chappals in brown and black colour because these two colors go with every outfit.
These chappals are not only wear in Northern sides but all also in other cities of Pakistan too, in other cities of Pakistan like Islamabad, Lahore, Rawalpindi youth love to wear them with jeans, this surely give it a new look.
With the increase access of Peshawari chappals the other countries also adopt this Pakistani traditional trend.
These chappals are very comfortable and reliable because of the material used in process of their making.
These chappals are now easily available in every big and small city OK Pakistan, and everyone can easily buy them, nor only in Pakistan but also in some other countries like Dubai and Saudia Arabia because many people deal in those countries via e-commerce.
These chappals are not preferred by local or tribal of Pakistan but also big, famous celebrities like to wear them.
These chappals got famous throughout the world and everyone loves to have at least a pair of these.
As in March 2014 these chappals become the center of global fashion.
When one of the forgone designers Mr. Paul Smith made this chappal and sold it for £300/-.After which it is prompted complaints on social media that this appropriated the culture and craft of its original Pakistan makers. After then more than thousand petitioners used Change.org to the designer Mr. Paul Smith and the government of U.K for the quick action.
Muhammad Khalid Mahmood, which was a student of PHD in Glasgow Caledonia University U.K.As a result of this quick action the description of this shoe, was also changed on the website of Mr. Paul Smith, the designer of shoe, that the shoe is made after getting impressed by the traditional wear of Pakistan.
Now many brands in Pakistan are Also launching their own Peshawari chappals by the name of traditional “Kheris”, no doubt those chappals ,Kheris are also very attractive and stylish, these designers use different colors of skins, and also do paint on them differently, the material of these Is soft leather which is so comfy and hard-wearing, But the one that comes from Peshawar has its own uniqueness and importance and there Is no match of that because the Peshawari chappals which are made in Peshawar have its own style ,because many families are engaged to this business and they done their work with perfection other than a simple show maker, it’s totally handmade footwear.
Nowadays these Peshawari chappals are not only liked and wear by men, women also love to wear these trendy chappals, and there is variety of colors and designs for women Kheris, Peshawari chappals. So these chappals became the fashion icon, which is liked by all. Women usually wear them with Tulip shalwar and basic shalwar too. It’s not wrong to say that this is the only footwear which perfectly goes with all kind of outfits’ .So, make your summers more cool by adding these “Must have” traditional footwear!
Maryam Kausar Khan Multan

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