30 Aug

Pakistan, our beloved homeland: 14th august special!

By: Mahnoor Raza, Peshawar.

“I was founded with the hope that one day I will be standing in the row of glory and the world’s going to know my name, I will shine like a twinkling star in the pitch black sky and I will bloom like a comely flower in the garden but I feel it was wrong. Today, corruption has cursed all of my horizons and nepotism has embraced me. World looks down upon me. Every day I cry, mourn and shed with blood but still I believe in my youth for they are a beacon of hope and I believe they will provide me my lost pride. They have the power to revolutionize my situation. In fact, yonder lies hope!”


These are the gloomy feelings of Pakistan but it cannot utter. Pakistan is not only a country inhibiting twenty millions physical bodies but a homeland comprising twenty millions loving hearts, peaceful souls and witty minds with innovative perspectives. It is not only a land where chaos and terrorism is at its peak but a place where people are striving to bring truce and love in the world. People criticize at its situation but still the zeal of Pakistanis is awake. Though, the present situation is bleak but still its youth is breaking world records. I heard many people talking slander about politicians but these people are naive, I mean the politicians have no fault in dire circumstances of our country. We, the citizens are responsible for the present conditions of our country because democracy demands responsibility. Pakistan is not going through such devastating periods that the media portrays in fact many organizations are working in the name of humanity to bring peace in the country. Innumerable foundations have been established for the betterment of our country. But we need to have a glance at optimistic side of life. We just need to hear the positive ideas and perceive innovative imaginations, but pity so we are blind, deaf and dumb.

Ups and downs are a part of life and that is the reason the enthusiastic youth of Pakistan is never giving up. Once again, we got the chance to see the dawn of 14th august. The day, when our great leaders decided to create a homeland where harmony and Islam would prevail though, world was against them. They left no stone unturned in getting Pakistan. As the saying of Mohammad Ali Jinnah goes on “Pakistan not only means freedom and independence but the Muslim ideology which has to be preserved, which has come to us as a precious gift and treasure and which, we hope other will share with us.”

Pakistan is a great blessing for us by Almighty Allah and we need to show gratitude towards Him. Indeed, Almighty Allah is very merciful. On every occasion, we criticize and mourn over our vile circumstances but this time I salute the exuberance and love of Pakistanis for their country. I applaud their spirit for volunteering. So let us celebrate this zest, verve and sprit with the vow that this zeal will escalate. Let’s promise that we will say no to criticism and will together spread harmony in the world. Together we will sprinkle the glitter of peace everywhere to bring back the lost pride of Pakistan so that we can proudly present our country in the world with the motto that we are peace lovers and indeed our homeland demands respect and love. Spread happiness and smile because life is too short to have regrets. Pakistani flag our identity and green passport our pride! We love Pakistan! Happy Independence Day!



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