Pakistan Needs Superheroes!

Pakistan Needs Superheroes!
08 Feb

By Osama Ijaz, Rawalpindi

We Pakistanis are well aware of what is happening in our country. Whatever is happening around us is not something to be enjoyed upon but rather to be terrified and ashamed by all of us. With each passing day, we hear bad things happening in our country in every sphere of life. It seems that all kinds of evils have found a permanent residence inside our country with a license to unleash all their destructive powers upon our society and threaten to rip apart our social fabric. The bad things happening in our country are terrorism, corruption, violence against ethnic groups, nepotism, bribery, street crimes, human trafficking, traffic violations, honour killings and many more crimes of human disgrace occurring within our society. In short, Pakistan has been besieged by so many problems that it is nearly impossible to find a solution to this entire situation occurring in our country.SHP (6)

We have powerful and strong armed forces; we call ourselves an Islamic Atomic Power, our media and civil society combined with support of judiciary are slowly becoming beacons of hope in a dangerous environment. But the flip side here is that our police and smaller law enforcement agencies are totally helpless. Our rulers, the people residing in the corridors of power, are totally least interested in the problems faced by the country. We have laws to deal with all problems but our rulers lack the will to properly implement them. All of this is earning our country a very bad name in the world and is resulting in ruining our global image. The Army or Judiciary or Media alone can’t handle all the situations being faced by the country. For this, we need a miracle from the heavens.SHP (1)

Here comes my Big Wish. If it is ever fulfilled, then our country will soon be cleansed of all the problems it faces and be rightfully called as an Islamic Republic and Welfare State. That wish my dear friends is about Superheroes coming to Pakistan and saving us from all these problems. Superheroes, the individuals who have superpowers, super cool gadgets, super intelligence and a big heart for mankind and are willing to give their lives in order to protect humanity from the many evils it faces. Are now seemingly the only option for Pakistan to combat all these evil practices and make our country a peaceful heaven on Earth. Pakistan direly needs Superheroes as they, along with armed forces and media, can put a stop to these evils lurking in our society and make life better for all of us. We need heroes like Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Spiderman, Iron Man and Thor who along with these powerful state institutions can really bring change in its real letter and spirit.SHP (3)

Superman, the last son of Krypton, can save lots of Pakistanis who die daily in fires, accidents on road, train wrecks, air plane crashes, robberies and crimes. With the use of his superpowers, he can easily overpower the terrorists who are attacking markets, schools and our sensitive installations. Through his good public image, he can be an ambassador of goodwill for our country. Batman, the Caped Crusader and Defender of the Night, can wipe off crime from Pakistan very easily. He can take criminals at all levels, from low to high, even the influential mafias, cartels, gangs and politicians without any discrimination at all. If our police ally themselves with Batman, they can use his methods to solve the countless crime cases happening in our country. Wonder Woman can protect the women of Pakistan from violence happening to them and can be a role model for women empowerment in the country. Everyone’s friendly neighbourhood, Spiderman can play his part in reducing street crimes, kidnappings, thefts and extortions and also stop incidents happening to minorities. He can become a role model for kids in Pakistan. The super genius Iron Man, with his array of gadgets, robot suits, advanced level technology and the Mighty Thor, with his superb abilities and his awesome hammer, can help Pakistan Army and police take down terrorists residing in the country and wipe them off from Pakistan for good. This will be very cool and good thing to do. Our future generations will be saved from the evils of these monsters.SHP (2)

The things that I mentioned above are only an imaginary part of my wish. The real thing that we Pakistanis need to learn here is that we must stand up against all these evils and forge unity and brotherhood among us so that no evil doer can stop us. If all of us will develop courage, determination and absolute will power to eradicate all such bad things, it would be a good deed which we will be doing for our country. We can become our own superheroes and stand up to free our country from all this. Only then, our Pakistan will truly become the country as it was envisioned by our Founding Fathers. We only need inspiration from these heroes, the rest is upon us.

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