03 Sep

Opinion – Feelings Of A Young Writer

By Gulalay Iftikhar


Thousands of youngsters buy different magazines, books or novels to read daily across our country. The people reading my article today might be one of those people who are huge fans of reading. Most of the people in our country only read and don’t focus on writing. There are a number of reasons to this. Some people think that writing just isn’t their piece of cake (I respect their thoughts), while others love writing and have a passion for it. But even those young, passionate writers give up in our country because they are not supported, or they are not given publication opportunities. Many young writers give up. But I think our country really needs young writers. Only a few platforms are available for young writers like me. For those of you who think writing is a waste of time or think it’s very easy or very hard, it’s not.


A writer needs full attention. If you begin writing you feel like a totally different person. A writer notices more, thinks more, and has his/her own prospective on everything. A writer if can’t speak for herself in public, she expresses herself through words. The best piece of writing is one that is written with feelings. You feel happy and can’t share it, write it. You feel gloomy, put your thoughts and ideas into that writing and you’ll feel like a weight has been lifted up your shoulders. To become a writer, you need not to be highly educated. Look at me, I am only 15 and you’re reading a piece of my feelings. Many of our writers that earned name had an extremely touch past. Not all of them were graduates from high collages. If you scroll through the Internet you’ll find most of the writers having a tough past, having financial crisis or were deprived of publication opportunities.


Look at Jane Austin for instance. Most of her books were published years after she originally wrote them, and we love her books. She gave the characters of her novels what she wanted in life. All I am saying is that writing is for young and old, rich and poor as well as for healthy and disabled. When a writer, writes you’ll find them enjoying themselves, and being in a state of peace, not caring about what the people think about her writing and take it as a delight. Now for those who have just begun to write, you should know that your writings are going to be criticized. You’ll be told to leave writing (articles/stories/poetry). If you give up I won’t blame you, as I know how you feel. But I suggest, imagine terrible things happening to those people and you’ll feel better. Secondly, with a cool mind think if there is any truth in their criticism, stay positive. And most importantly write and rewrite!


If you once understand the joy and happiness you get when you write you’ll definitely consider writing as a much better source of pleasure rather than movies. When you write you feel one with the writing. You will flow along with every word putting your mirth, joy, sadness, hollowness, furiousness, love and hate everything into your writing. It is indeed an art itself, a lovely art that enables you to express yourself. But sadly we have only a few platforms for publication. Our country has immense young talent, but we have very few opportunities. I suggest any who likes to write not to be bound by the traditional writing format. Make your own way. Feel free to express and write. Just remember to do one very important thing to do while writing that is, have fun and enjoy whatever you write. Happy Writing Everyone!

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