Opinion – Approval

Opinion – Approval
08 Mar

A Voice From The Inner Self

By Mishaal Imran

‘A man cannot be comfortable without his own approval’ – Mark Twain

How many times have you asked for advices? About a gazillion times or maybe more than that…Well how many times have you actually approved it? Now that’s the main point, you are the one who actually approve advices whether those are from some weird friends or some wise relatives no matter what people say or quote we will only do what we approve even if there is the most tragic compulsion.

Now just imagine that you are going to school and on the path you see a dangerous looking fierce dog sitting at the road you have to cross…What will you do? Think, think, think and suddenly an idea clicks in your mind that you should use an alternate short route, satisfied huh? Of course because you approved that idea but turn to that view again but this time your friend being with you and she is going to give you the idea and what she says is “We should run past the dog, App (2)we will be school in time” Now what are you going to do? Will you accept that idea or I should say crazy idea? Obviously that would be a big no! Because you are totally aware of the fact that this weird idea can cause any kind of injury to you and can be dangerous enough to take your life, so your inner self won’t approve that idea because it is not that much foolish to allow you to do that kind of idiotic mistake. Now here I present you a well known quote that is; “You will never gain anyone’s approval by being for it. When you stand confident in your own worth, respect follows”- Mandy Hale. I’m sure it got you into thinking because your brain approved the idea o thinking, isn’t that totally shocking yet rocking, I bet it is! You know what got me into writing this topic? My inner self! I approved to write this article and my heart was also in favor of letting you peeps know the truth about approval and inner self. You actually want to do what you want not others. Now if your parents pressurize you to be a civil engineer and you want to be a renowned author what are you supposed to do? If you became the victim of that pressure of your parents’ will you be satisfied? Of course not, so do what you approve, you will actually be happy and actually feel exuberant.

We can’t just move forward without taking the example of some great heroes and no I don’t mean the batman or the incredible hulk here but the people who really did exist and make their mark on history such as Stephen King, he is the king of the most selling best novels and has a name in the world but do you know that his first novel ‘Carrie’ which is a App (4)big hit nowadays got rejected for about 30 times and he decided to finally give up but what made him not to do that was his inner self, it is the reason behind all his success like imagine if he would have gave up, then I wouldn’t be writing about him right now and his novel wouldn’t have changed our lives. Thomas Edison, a famous inventor, failed about a thousand times before he invented a light bulb but decided to approve his inner self. So this is the point my friends, approve yourself. Here I would like to steal your hearts by this amazing quote that, “Sometimes you must agree with someone’s opinion for the sake of being polite and modest but within you, you know that you are not foolish and crazy”-Michael Johnson. If a child lives with his own approval, he learns to live with himself, life is too short to waste time for other people’s approval on how you live it. Take some help with your brain and most of the help with your heart to approve. Happy Approving!

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