One Of A Lifetime Experience!

One Of A Lifetime Experience!
27 Dec

By Murvah Assad

Scrutinizing over every detail in our textbooks the whole year and pushing ourselves to achieve our academic goals make us all wait anxiously for the summer break- a time for us to relax, to make up for all the compensated sleep hours while studying and to have the time of our lives. I wanted the same too but this summer I did it in a different way. I had applied to a summer school and getting accepted to one has proved to be an experience of a lifetime. Yale University, one of the IVY League Universities, gives the annual opportunity to young students from all over the globe to spend a summer in the calm, lush town of New Haven, Connecticut. I was humbled to be accepted to one such summer school. This program was for two weeks but the mere two weeks have had a great impact on the way I envisioned the global community and my future goals. Everything from travelling independently to a foreign country for the first time to spending time with people from different and diverse backgrounds has been a fun, exciting yet learning experience.

Through the program, science, policy and innovation, one is blessed with an opportunity to drill into a different world one with different perspectives from learning basics of life to applying our own ideas in the international policy making. From the lectures in the large halls adorned with intriguing chandeliers and captivating architecture to participating in the discussion sessions to be bringing forth my opinion in the seminars, the summer school was a source of not only giving in my ideas to the exotic knowledge pool that formed at the place but also learning a lot from what the other students had to contribute.

Not only did we learn about different concepts like Urbanization, HIV/AIDS, Energy, GMOs etc but also enjoyed the two weeks to the fullest. We enjoyed the study of the architectural structure of the most-energy efficient building in the area, Kroon Hall, and satisfied our stomachs with mouth-watering food, both in the Yale Dining Hall and on the friendly streets of New Haven. Nature covers the campus in its lush green cover and the program offers one with extremely friendly instructors, current students at the university or fresh graduates who help all along the way. YYGS was not only an opportunity to expand my length and breadth of knowledge but also this summer program has been my doorway to global cultural interaction and some life lasting friendships. Each year, this program enrolls 200 students from around the world and offers financial aid too- aiding many such stars who have a financial barrier standing erect between their dreams and passion and turning them into reality. This program offers three different courses each year: science, policy and innovation; international affairs and security; and politics, law and economics. So suit yourself and do apply because these mere two weeks at Yale are worth everything!

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