Novel – Blue Veined Girl

Novel – Blue Veined Girl
08 Mar

By Madiha Yameen, Karachi

Chapter Two: Living In Past

I’ve seen many jaws dropping and those at Live with Janey were as good as any. Janey quickly recovered from the shock and laughed it off, she would have dwelled on it a bit if the show wasn’t on the verge of ending. She signed off and I finishing my glass got up to leave. At my humble abode – yes, I’ve a sense of humour, I switched on the TV despite every nerve with in me screaming not to. The headlines were “Heaven White Says Black”, “’I’m A Negro’ Queen Lost Her Cool?” and more random ones making me wonder how did I get home without getting trapped between the reps and paps. My being a Negro is gospel. Well, that is what they called my Granma. So, what’s so shocking now? And my saying this in the show was a part joke on impulse. Now, you might be getting curious about my little secret, right? Oh, here goes the phone. When I picked up the phone, I knew that I was neck deep in it! My agent, Chris, went as soon as a picked up, “Heavenly! Are you nuts?” He having that Aussie accent can make ‘crazy’ sound ‘cry-zee’. “What was that? How could you joke about something like that? You know you’re not getting away with this now, do you? Now, what’s the hell up, spill!”

VG (4)“Er…what?” Was my only response which kindled his anger. I could practically hear him tearing out his hairs. “Heavenly, why did you say that back in the show?” he begged. “Because, it was the truth and people like truth!” “Heavenly, you’re not any blacker than Jane Fonda! What was that supposed to mean?” “Chris, you… I… I can’t tell you this all on the phone” “Then, I’m coming over” “No! Wait! Don’t! It will all come out in the book. Promise, I swear!” “No, Heavenly! You’ll not keep this from for heaven’s sake, I’m your agent!” “I’ll tell you everything in time.” “Er…Tell me you’re not intending yourself to get a heavy tan? Right? “Chris! I hate you! No!” I slammed the phone shut. I was having some really bad feelings about it, claustrophobia was one of them, I couldn’t deny that Chris was wrong. To get in some fresh air, I dragged myself towards the picture window of my 8th floor apartment. Man! What a sight! Chris would have a field day, not. Long rows of reporters and cameras of every sizes, girls and boys barely older than me, some having that old dictaphone in their hands, and some content with their cells. No, I didn’t get to see all the teeny details from my apartment Chris told me. Yup, Chris! It was time to call him. I speed dialled him and “Chris! You better come!” Slammed! It was a slow process and well, to be honest, very amusing. Chris pushed each of the nosy reporter from the premises. When he came up, I asked out of sheer curiosity “What did you say to them?” Totally waiting for his syrupy words of wisdom from him, and were rewarded with a furious glare “Whatever you didn’t feel the need to tell me! I had to tell them something. Think I made a better liar than the darn politicians!” “So, what happens now?”
VG (2)He, looking straight in my eyes with a fatherly yet firm looks drawled “You’ll see more than a half a page and a front one at that in all of the morning papers covered with your little joke! I told them that it was a bit of joke with real deep meaning, which Miss Rudolph assumed we will figure out on our own. Of Course, I didn’t feed them with this rubbish. I said wait for the press release! Miss Rudolph is tired! No, I see she’s having a little mischievous laugh to herself on my expense!” Fuming and blabbering, he left, clearly know I won’t tell him anything at the moment.
Tomorrow, the press release said Heaven had a bit of teaser with fans, details will be in her autobiography. Two weeks after TQ-USA, I started on my tour, Kansas, Kentucky, Colorado, NY, Las Vegas, Virgina, LA, Oregon, Texas and many other states across the USA! I judged the eager girls every noon till evening and it was all going great and as expected. I quickly marked me place in the hearts of many. It was my direct comments that got me admired most; “You’ve got heavenly eyes, gal!”, “That’s what I call a Hollywood smile!”, “Oh Babe! I’m going to get fired! Here we are already seeing the next Queen!” etc. It went all smoothly with contest in the days, and fashion shows in the night. Meeting Twiggy and Jerry Hall was the night I lost my consciousness, almost!

After 6 weeks’ constant shows and auditions, I started on my book. Writing, for me was therapeutical. I went through many relaxing and contenting phases. The book was supposed to come out in 7 months. I refused to hire any ghost/co writers. It was my story and every word of it will be written by me. I already had a name for it in my mind. I knew which pictures I would select to let in the book the few I had of my family. The diary was underway. The “Blue Veined Girl” will tell her story as it happened, with no regrets and shame. In it I will tell you about my black grandmother who… To Be Continued…

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