27 Oct

No Smoking

The Choice Is Yours,

But Don’t Be Late!

I have a question for everyone that whenever you people see a warning, which may cause harm to you, what do you all do? Obviously the answer for this is that you all get aware and try to stay far from that danger isn’t it? Ok, now something interesting, nowadays people smoke cigarettes a lot and the best thing about it is that a clear warning is given on the packet that it may harm you badly, but then why on Earth people don’t stop! I don’t get it after reading the warning and being awarded that it can kill you, you still smoke it! SALUTE TO YOUR BRAVERY! Just for the joy of a few years, you make your life shorter and miserable for yourself and loved ones. Everyone has seen that the one who starts to smoke, it becomes an addiction and then it’s hard to stop yourself from it so it’s better that you just stay away from it from the beginning this will give you a long and a life without health issues. It’s a request specially to our youth and all the youngsters out there that please stop smoking, you people think that this is something really cool or what but trust me this stupid thing is destroying your future and Pakistan’s future as well. If you all don’t care about yourself, for a minute, think about your family, your friends, they love you so much, they care for you and you are really important to them so please it’s a humble request please stop smoking maybe not for yourself but for the ones who care for you! Say it together:





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