Mystiko Diamante

Mystiko Diamante
14 Dec

By Aymen Arif Malik


Carter was in the gym that day, exercising and thinking about all the mess he was getting in to and something told him this might take him 10 years back. Demons of past started to haunt him and he quickly got up and jumped on the treadmill. But he had to know about this mafia as this was not only connected to Adeline but also to him. A strong flash crossed his mind where he was standing in an alley, some 7 years ago. His best friend, Ali, had called him urgently and wanted to tell him something. As soon as he got to the place Ali had mentioned, Carter saw his best friend’s body, lying on the floor in a pool of dark blood. Two words were carved through a dagger on his forehead which clearly read, Mystiko Diamante…


Adeline came rushing towards the gym because that was the only place where you would find Carter Reece in the morning. Carter had not seen her for the past two days as she was ‘busy’, as he said, with Dylan, so he wondered she was doing here now. Adeline however had something on her mind. “Want some training?” he asked her as she approached near him. “No thanks, I have a trainer of my own.” She said with the same level of humor in her tone. “So what brings the damsel here? I thought we were done now that your Angel has arrived,” Carter said while running on the treadmill. “Well I want your help in solving this complex matter. I am not going to rest until I know who is behind my mum’s murder and so I was asking if you would join in. Your uncle is the mayor and you have links of your own too and that will be really helpful.” She asked hopefully. He stopped to look at her and found sheer determination in the beautiful eyes of this stubborn Barbie. He also wanted to know who had killed Ali and he didn’t want Adeline to mess with darkness alone. He suddenly felt very protective of her and so decided to work with them. When Adeline left, Carter dialed a number, which he had not dialed for the past many years, “Hey Hayden, remember you once said you owed me?” Carter said. “Yeah buddy,” the man on the other side replied. “Well it’s time to pay me back.”


Carter met Dylan and Adeline at the Night Tower that evening, the tallest tower in town, from which the whole of the area could be seen. “I have some further information collected from my agency and the word is, Mystiko Diamante, basically is not only the name of that mafia but also the name of their work. They smuggle the original paintings from across the nations and those paintings are sold for over millions. Their Don is the most lethal and the most powerful man in the underworld and their next meeting will be held in this town at some event this week,” Dylan filled them in. “But who is their Don?” Carter asked, thinking that he might need to talk to Uncle Ben about all this. The mayors usually have some idea about this stuff. “We don’t know yet, but my dad has a secret room somewhere in our house may be or his office, he has kept all the papers and everything in it. We might find some stuff there.” Adeline said.


“Great and I have my guys check out more about this meeting and its location,” Carter said and then told them about Ali and his murder. Every small detail was useful here. They agreed to meet at the mayor’s party to try and find the more clues as the word was, many influential people would also be coming. The gathering was a major event. Hayden had called Carter and given him an insight of the underworld events. 5 major mafia dons would be meeting at the party and one of them is the Mystiko Diamante’s Don, looking forward to set plans for the smuggling of a very old painting of Pablo Picasso. Meanwhile Adeline had gone back to her home where her dad had lived and searched every inch of the house. Dylan was with her when they found a small door in a closet, which lead to a small study. A call from Diana came, telling her to hurry as she was getting late for the party, so Adeline had to leave. Dylan however stayed behind and to find about this underworld and its link with Mr. Winston.


Carter spotted Adeline on the gates, dressed in a long dark green silk gown, looking like a goddess, her dark curly hair swinging behind her back, giving her a very elegant appearance. He was about to go to her when Ben Reece came with a couple of people to Carter, introducing him to them. “Unless you forgot, we are here to catch a murderer!” Adeline said to Carter on approaching him, who was dancing with a brown haired Asian girl. “Oh I am sorry, I thought we are here to make out with people,” he challenged back. “Fine, I am going on my own to find the killer, you keep flirting!” she snapped at him and then went in to the crowd of more than 500 people. He smiled at her charming figure moving away but then suddenly felt an overwhelming amount of protectiveness for her. She was so delicate; he thought and quickly ran after her. He felt so different this time with her, was he feeling possessive? Crazy, he thought, no way! He has never felt like that for any other girl. But it wasn’t time for that. If they were after her, than she sure as hell should be protected, no matter what.


He searched the whole crowd worriedly and relaxed when finally he spotted her at one corner of the large lawn, standing alone beside the river. “Where were you? I was hell worried,” Carter said to her softly once he reached her. “I was trying to do what we actually came here for!”

Ok so she was still angry, but she appeared sweeter to him even in anger. “Listen little sparrow, I have not been at my best since we have met and I have been with a lot of women, but I want you in my life Adeline, and I need you to know that I really care for you.” Carter said to her in a serious and sincere tone and Adeline just stared at him. She had not expected this, from the guy who was the heartthrob of hundreds of girls. She so badly wanted to say something but nothing came out, so she just sighed and said silently, “Carter, I need to achieve some goals first, I am so sorry, I just can’t distract myself from my target.” She said it reluctantly and ran away, leaving Carter in dead silence…. Be Continued…

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