27 Dec

Mystiko Diamante

By Aymen Arif Malik

Dylan and Adeline were standing at the tower two days later. Dylan had found a lot of stuff from Mr. Winston’s study. Some of the stuff was yet to see but whatever he had found, he was filling her in with that information, but she was half listening. Even while standing with this handsome man, who was in his late 40s, but had a very graceful personality, she felt empty somehow. Dylan had known her for many years and had always been in shape. But she couldn’t figure out why she was feeling so distant from him now. Her mind again and again came back to one name, one person, that angelic devil. Dylan showed her the picture of her mum’s murder scene and she spotted on the canvas, a cobra drawn beside the words Mystiko Diamante. He then told her what exactly happened 20 years ago. Mr. Winston was the owner of the largest art gallery in country and had a flowing business. One day some people approached him and threatened to kill him if he doesn’t sell them the original paintings and place the replicas in their slot. Winston did it and this is how he got involved as those were the people of The Secret Diamond, To Mystiko Diamante…


After a year, he tried to leave it all behind but they wouldn’t agree, so he sold the replica painting to the mafia and thought he could escape from them. But when Mystiko Diamante sold this painting to the other mafia, they realized the painting was a replica and a massive bloodshot occurred in which many people from both these gangs got killed. The art gallery was blown to ashes and Winston escaped narrowly with his family and landed in this town, in another country. Adeline listened to all this with open eyes and then suddenly realized that she could not continue with her devil. That she wanted to talk to him about all this, wanted him to hold her tightly when she lost it. She was absorbed in her thoughts when Dylan’s question brought her back to senses.“Adeline, will you marry me? I will protect you and love you like I always have,” he said. And in that one minute, she clearly saw what she wanted. Her heart just cried out one name, Carter. She told Dylan what she wanted and ran towards the stairs, to go to Carter, to tell him how much she loved him.


She found Carter on the bench beside a fountain in the central park and she ran towards him, tears dripping from her eyes. “What happened?” Carter asked worriedly, standing up and looking at her. “Will you still accept me now if I tell you that I want you to be in my life too? Because I really want to” she said, still sobbing. He smiled and went closer to her, holding her softly from both arms, he said in a teasing tone, “I thought you went to your Agent Angel?” “I don’t want any angel, I want my devil, I want you.” She said, half crying, half blushing. “Stubborn little untamed sparrow,” he said, looking sweetly at her dropped eyes. “Why untamed?” she asked. “You said yourself, every girl is wild in herself, another synonym for that is, untamed,” he teased her further. “Dylan is from my past and past is irretrievable,” Adeline said. “What if it can be retrieved?” he asked her. “What if one doesn’t want it to be retrieved,” she replied, knowing exactly what he meant. “Adeline Cooper, also known as Tiara Winston, will you be my bride?” Carter asked and Adeline couldn’t help nodding and crying more. “Only if you stop flirting with every other girl,” she mentioned clearly, smiling at him.


Her phone rang and Dylan told her from the other side that he had solved almost every puzzle and that they both need to get to his place. Adeline and Carter started moving towards Dylan’s apartment, Adeline filling him with all Dylan had told her earlier. The moment Adeline opened Dylan’s apartment, she stopped dead. He was lying down on the floor, with 2 bullet holes in his chest upon which, a parker pen was placed. After a moment or so, she composed herself and her and Carter stepped inside the apartment. They found Dylan’s stuff on the table where he had placed every paper, file and photo of the puzzle in order. “Did they kill him?” Adeline asked Carter. “No, Mystiko Diamante doesn’t kill like that, it’s someone else,” he said but then froze on watching a newspaper. “Adeline, what was your mother’s name?” “Olivia Winston, why?” she asked but he didn’t reply, he was walking in a memory of 10 years ago.


“Hey Carter, see these signs, To Mystiko Diamante’s mark is a black cobra and all their members including don has the mark of a cobra on their body, also it says here in Dylan’s notes that there isn’t one, but two Dons of this mafia. See these photos,” Adeline showed him the pictures of Mystiko Diamante’s den, where a large statue was standing in the centre, the statue was of one black cobra, standing with one black python, the cobra had the name, Mavro Cobra and on Python’s forehead was written, Mavro Python. Carter literally froze where he was, he also remembered that masked guy and his tattooed hand, who was following Adeline a few months ago. This was exactly the darkness he was trying to run from. He knew exactly what this was. “Who can be Mavro Cobra?” Adeline asked confused. This was the only thing they could not find in Dylan’s stuff, maybe he wanted to tell her this himself. “Benjamin Reece….he is Mavro Cobra,” Carter said, in a blunt painful tone. Adeline’s eyes opened with shock and she asked in a shaky voice, “And who is Mavro Python?”


Carter took off his shirt and muffler and Adeline’s breathing stopped on watching a black python tattooed on his neck. “Carter Reece, as in Zayden Reece is Mavro Python….I am Mavro python, the Black Python,” he said, his eyes and thoughts seemed distant but he kept on telling her all she wanted to know.“I was a part of Mavro Cobra’s gang 10 years back, Uncle Ben wanted me to join him but I didn’t know what exactly they did then. I didn’t appreciate much of his underworld lifestyle and never joined him in his plans. But one day an incident happened and I told Uncle Ben that I want out. As he had not revealed anything to me, so he let me go, only asking that I keep meeting him as his nephew. A woman named Olivia Winston was murdered by Mavro Cobra, brutally murdered and that was the day I realized Ben Reece was not a human but a cobra, a black cobra, like his name says. So I left that world and started a new life with a new identity.” Carter was looking out of the window now, his black tattoo prominent in lamp light in the room. A soft hand touched his wide strong shoulder and he turned around to face the most delicate and sweetest girl he has ever met, looking up at him with a warm smile. “I don’t care what your past was, I care about your present and future…Mavro Python is left in the past and past is irretrievable…and I am so in love with a guy called Carter Reece, that I can’t imagine my present and future without him,” He looked down in her warm deep eyes and for the first time felt his heart ache. What would he do if something happened to her? He brought her closer to him and held her tightly, yet softly in his embrace. “I will always protect you my sparrow,” he said softly. “Like a devil or like a Python?” she asked smiling. “Like a lover…” he replied, caressing her hair.

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