12 Jan

MR.X finally revealed! What’s new?


Apple company finally reviled its most awaited I phone X, with its mind blowing features and the heavy price tag of $1000 initially. The extreme curiosity maker in the public was finally announced on 12th September, along with its brothers which included I phone 8 and I phone 8+. I phone X holds special importance as it is made specifically to mark the 10th anniversary of the Apple company, featuring a stunning design and fantastic new tech. And it’s till October 27 that this I phone X would be available in the market for sale and then would be shipped on November 3. But how is this X really “X”? Here is something new:

-5.8″ OLED display:

OLED stands for organic light emitting diode. With an edge to edge design, the I phone X may be similar in size to the 4.7 inch I phone, but with a display the size of the 5.5 inch I phone. Facts and figures suggest it will feature a 5.8 inch display with 5.15 inches of usable area, with the rest dedicated to space that would replace the home button (who gets to “go” home).The display itself is said to be a flexible plastic OLED rather than LCD which means that apple introduces a more slim design that will also feature a 2.5D curved display.

-Faster A11 processor:

All the new I phone models which also includes 8 and 8+ are going to use the Apple’s A11 chip. It features heavy six core CPU design which further includes two high power performance cores and four low power efficiency cores, all independently addressebale.A11 bionic use means that you will enjoy a 30% faster graphics than the A10. The A11 bionic chip handles world tracking, scene recognition and the GPU enables graphics running at 60 fps (frame rate per second).And this faster running would mean a very captivating processing! And a further point to note, it’s designed totally by Apple itself.

For the unaware, 10 nanometers describes the manufacturing process used to create the chip. The lower the number the more densely transistors can be packed in. And this can be understood that the A10 chip was a 16 nanometers fusion previously used in the Iphone 7. The new launch will surely account for increased power efficiency and boosted performance.

-Sparkling glass body:

The I phones(all three) are made from glass, last time which was used in the building of the I phone 4,combined with an aluminum frame design and both come in 3 colors. Silver, space gray and a new Gold finish. According to apple its real hard and perhaps the most durable glass ever to be used in any smart phone. In addition each one is color matched to an aerospace-grade aluminum bezel. Apart for making for a foxy and classy design, glass body was necessary for the wireless charging for the Iphones

-Edge to edge display:

The Iphone X features super slim bezels at the top and the sides, thus making for an edge to edge display. With the home button no longer there, the screen will definitely look all edge to edge. The home button appears by a vertical swipe up from the bottom of the phone. If you worry for the cut out then don’t, for the “OS” can handle the cut out in many different ways. The cut out can disappear for the OS would allow the display to extend on either side of the cutout or just make the area go black, making it disappear.

-Facial recognition:

This is one of the biggest changes in the Iphone models. The touch ID is replaced entirely with this. But it’s not a must to use it. You get to choose from I phone unlock, I tunes, App store and Safari Auto fill. Once you tap and enroll face, IOS will ask you to move your face gently in different directions and as you do a piece of the user interface will respond by filling in a circle around your face. Once the scan is completed, your face will be able to unlock it.

If you doubt its security then don’t worry for according to apple there’s one in 1000000 chances that your face will match to another. In addition to this the company also states that it is more secure than touch ID as it also uses structured light sensor which uses bounced infra-red light to work out the “depth” of different parts of the face. And even if this turns out to be un-effective, still no one can unlock the phone using a 2-d photograph for it only recognizes 3-d shapes.

The new face authentication will also work with Apple pay and all third-party apps that already support touch ID. Apple also claims that the face id can work in the dark by using an army of 30000 infra-red dots to check for the right identity .As for its speed is concerned it will work within a few milliseconds.

-Omitted home button:

With its brothers still possessing the home button and remaining old, I phone X remains different. Apple omitted the home button for the first time in the history of I phone, replacing it with an upward swipe from the bottom of the phone. The same movement must take you back to the home screen and let you do the multi-tasking.

-Wireless charging:

All the brothers get this new feature. Wireless charging means that you no longer need to plug in a cable to your smart phone to charge it. Simply leave it on a special mat that would do the job while you sit and relax. Although it may sound awesome it is relatively slow when compared to cable charging. Therefore to make it quick, apple uses “Qi’ wireless charging. But the company hasn’t yet announced any actual wireless charging hardware for the phones this year. The company is working on the charging pod called air power which would not only charge your Iphone but would also work for the apple watch and pods. Quite amazing! Right?

-Water resistance:

Similar to the water resistance rating of the Iphone 7, Appleā€™s new inventions feature IP67 water resistance. Which means that it is splash, water and dust resistant(IP6X being the highest dust resistance rating, meaning that the I phone X is fully protected against dust).On the other hand,IPX7 water resistance means that the phone can with stand an immersion in water up to 3.3 feet for 30 mins. But the company still warns “not” to test it and care for your phone!


And how can a smart phone end without a camera? All the new inventions have 12 mega-pixel rear-facing dual cameras consisting of a telephoto lens accompanied by a wide angle of lens. Both have quad LED true tone flash, optical zoom, digital zoom up to 10X and a support for Apple’s new beta portrait lighting feature. But big always remains big and different. Mr.X prevails with its image stabilization while the Iphone 8 only has it for wide angle lens. I phone X also has a faster f/2 aperture compared to I phone 8’s f/2.8.moreover the support for portrait mode selfie also differentiates the Iphone X from 8 and 8 plus. It’s really a photo shoot in your pocket as said by the cult of mac.

All of these amazing and breath-taking advancements will surely make you fall in love with it as the boosted app performance will give you a jolly good time using it. The camera, the processor, the speed, the design, everything is super-duper and ready to force hordes of customers to lay their hands on it. So gather some bucks for the Iphone x is soon to storm the market!

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