03 Sep

Mini Tales – A Devil Within The Dimples

By Anam Fayyaz, Bahawalpur


Sloan was the type of girl who knew how to get what she wanted. Life was daisies for her and she perfected the art of being intriguing with the help of her charming dimpled-smile. She was born with a pair of lovely dimples on her cheeks. Whenever she smiled, two cute dimples that formed on her cheeks fascinated everybody. Her dimpled-smile was contagious and it had the captivating power to affect everybody. She got whatever she desired just by smiling affectionately at people and revealing her dimples. Her lethal smile made everyone obedient to her wishes and commands. She was the apple of her parents’ eyes. Asking extra money from her parents was a piece of cake for her. Whenever she had a row with her siblings, her parents always came to her defense. Her teachers used to favor her in class. She became the monitor of her class without any effort. In short, she owned and controlled people like they were her puppets.


One night, Sloan’s younger sister Linda passed by her room and heard her talking to herself in front of the mirror. Linda found the bedroom door partially open so she peeked inside and eavesdropped on her sister’s conversation with herself. Sloan was smiling wickedly and boasting about her dimpled-smile that unleashes magic spell over everybody. Linda was rooted to the spot and stared at her sister with disdain. Hatred scorched her throat as she became aware of the devil within her sister’s dimples. She was disgusted at the way her sister claimed ownership over people. She went back to her room brooding over her sister’s savageness. The next morning, Sloan was on her way to a grocery store when her bike bumped into a huge rock and knocked her off balance. She fell onto the rock and let out an ear-piercing scream. People started gathering around her and took her to the nearby hospital. She was severely injured and got bruises all over her face. The red bruises concealed her beautiful dimples too. When she went to the school a week later, everybody just asked a few questions about her health and fled away. She used to be the centre of attention wherever she went but now people didn’t stick around her as her smile was no longer appealing. Her dimples were hidden beneath red and purple colored bruises and were unable to cast a spell over people.


After witnessing everything, her sister Linda confronted her and said” You can no longer manipulate people with your dimpled-smile. I hope you have learned a very brutal life lesson that our bad deeds always slap us in return and give us the taste of our own medicine.” Sloan was swallowed up in guilt and she started sobbing hysterically. She promised Linda that she will never think of taking advantage of other people and will find her semblance of peace by trying to be a good person. Linda looked at Sloan with compassionate eyes and gave her a big thumbs-up. If you have dimples, use them to spread happiness and joy everywhere!

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