22 Jun



After the dinner she goes to her room, sits on her rocky chair and think about the day she had. She used to be tired after working whole day but still she writes the diary every day, a diary which is red in color and she beautifully wrote the word MEMORIES on the jacket of the dairy, wrapped with ribbon. She writes everything what have been going through in her mind, she was strong enough to face everything but when she opens her diary she acts like a kid. As a kid tells everything to their mom- every complain, every achievement, every happiness, every sorrow, every gain, every pain… same like this she has a strong bond with her diary, so she opens it and tell her diary everything what she had all the day- good, bad, happy or sad moments, joy or happiness, sorrow or tears. Every single thing.

One day after writing the diary, she randomly turned the pages backward which took her deeply back to lane of memories, she recalled the good time, the bad time, the excitements, the joys of past 20 years. How many hardships she faced, how many happy moments she cherished. All those memories were revolving around her eyes just like a film and she was continuously turning the pages and suddenly stopped at one  page which took her back to her childhood , when she was five years old she wished to have a doll which she saw in a shop. The doll with golden hair tied in a ribbon, in light green and pink dress, holding a music book in her hands and sings as written in that book that her dad made a promise to buy her. After a few days her dad bought that same doll for her and put it in her room to surprise her and yes she was totally surprised and amazed to have it in her hands. It was the most precious gift she ever had, so she kept her doll very safely. As the days passes she had more wishes as every child have and her parents fulfilled her every wish without showing her what situation they had, which made her the stubborn kid of the family and this memory brought smile on her face. Gradually things got different as she grew up, ahhhh!  She took a sip of coffee and turned another page and she saw what she wrote about her friends’ in fact best friends. Once she thought they were her loyal and sincere friends. When she was in grade seven she made a friend who was two years older than her and she never noticed these things and these things never matters. In a small duration of time they came closer and seem like best friends for life. They shared each and everything with each other, they shared a great time of their childhood together by playing hopscotch, hide and seek and many more games, birthday parties and everything .But one day she realized that she was made boo boo (fool) by her so called best friend, she broke her trust many times and did many things just to prove her wrong but time never remain same. It change so it happened with her friend too who realized her mistake and almost after six years her friend text her to say sorry for everything she did and accepted her mistake (you all might be thinking that did she forgive her friend or not) so, yes she is a strong lady and she forgave her and moved on. She had more friends but not like a best friend. Like this life goes on and on she became busy in her studies as she was the bright student. Warm sip of coffee give her mind relaxed feelings. As she was turning the pages of her diary, at the same time she was thinking how time flies just by blink of an eye. She made a new friend, they both took the same subjects so this thing made their bond strong and as the time spent, and they became best friends. They never thought that they would live without  each other. They had made the beautiful memories together, they enjoy and cherish every bit of that moment and captured in photographs to make happy memories. It’s a fact that as the time passes, situation changes. They started their professional carrier and they both decided to choose same profession, they enter together but who knows who will continue it and who will not, she left this profession because of some personal matters but of course not her best friend. They stay connected on phone but not like as before they were, gradually the cracks were creating between them, long calls changes into daily texts then weekly, monthly and then once in a blue moon. Both of them took side happily without arguments or anything because if they meet any day so they can face each other without guilt or regret. Sips of warm coffee give her good gesture. She turned to next page; she just smiled after opening this page because in this page she wrote about giggles, laughter’s and many annoying things of her siblings. How they used to stand for each other, how they protected each other, how they teased each other, how they used to sad face into bright smile in just seconds, how they share, discuss and solve the problems, how they face any obstacle together, how they make little achievement into big celebration, she took a deep breath and close her diary as the clock showed 4: am and memories flashbacked on her mind. She came to her prayer mat and cry out loud. She thanked Allah for giving her beautiful memories and courage to face everything in her past and she asked for more strength to face what future brings for.

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