Magical Maleficent

Magical Maleficent
27 Dec

By Ubaid Ullah, Islamabad


Q1) What was the name of the prince?

  1. a) Prince Hans
  2. b) Prince Charming
  3. c) Prince Phillips
  4. d) Prince Stefan


Q2) What Maleficent cannot bear?

  1. a) Iron
  2. b) Gold
  3. c) Wood
  4. d) Steel


Q3) What was the name of red fairy?

  1. a) Knotgrass
  2. B) Flittle
  3. c) Fauna
  4. d) Merryweather


Q4) Who saves Aurora in the end?

  1. a) Maleficent
  2. b) Phillip
  3. c) Diaval
  4. d) Stefan


Q5) What is the first gift Aurora gets?

  1. a) Song
  2. b) Beauty
  3. c) Curse
  4. d) Ugliness


Q6) What is the last animal Diaval is turned into?

  1. a) Raven
  2. b) Dragon
  3. c) Worm
  4. d) Lion


Q7) What is really in the bottle Stefan gives to Maleficent when she is 16?

  1. a) Water
  2. b) Milk
  3. c) Pepsi
  4. d) Drug


Q8) What did Maleficent lose?

  1. a) Power
  2. b) Crow
  3. c) Wings
  4. d) Shoes


Q9) How old does Aurora grow under the curse?

  1. a) 13
  2. b) 14
  3. c) 15
  4. d) 16


Q10) Who said this “What a glittering assemblage King Stefan”?

  1. a) Aurora
  2. b) Maleficent
  3. c) Phillip
  4. d) Diaval



1C, 2A, 3A, 4A, 5B, 6B, 7D, 8C, 9D, 10B

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