Love You To Pieces

Love You To Pieces
22 Jun


Abeeha Das

The atmosphere is heavy. So are her feet. Her legs are carrying her somewhere but she doesn’t know where. The lump in her throat keeps growing. The cuts on her thighs burn, she can feel them tearing apart. She still walks down this deserted road. The cool breeze hits her face and gives her some comfort. Her eyes were burnt from all the crying. She passes a farmhouse that’s about the collapse but something is keeping it up… somehow. Like her, she has no reason to be alive but she’s still here. She sees a figure in the distance. A boy with a bottle in his hand. He’s on the opposite side of the road. He has the same idea in his mind. He hates life. He wants to die. She does too. She motions to him and he walks over. Together they’re minor strings of the same cloth. They walk ahead not speaking a word. They stumble across a pond and they sit there and laugh about stupid things. Which mean the world to them. For a while, they were happy. They’re happy in their little bubble. It’s not love they’re feeling. No, it’s a sweeter version of dread. It’s the slow lethal drug which kills you. They’re waiting for death. They’re waiting. They don’t inflict it upon themselves they’re just waiting for it to come to them. Like an animal sneaking up on its prey. They won’t run from death when it comes, they’ll give in. They’ll end their misery. But they live for this one moment. When they’re not bystanders. They’re alone, but they’re not alone. They’re in love but not with each other. They’re happy but not eternally, it’s temporary. She wants to die, he does too. But for once they abandon what they came for, they let life go on. To them temporary happiness is enough. They’re enough for each other even if their time together is less. This might be the last time they meet. They will keep their meeting secret. Deep down inside they hope they’ll meet again. They know this happiness is only temporary and soon they’ll sink into they’re deep dark hole of dread, regret, tears, blood, and death once more. But they will forever treasure this. That one walk she decided to take in the dead of night.

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