28 Aug

Life Changing – A Single Moment Can Change Your Life

By Hmna Saqib


We are all human beings and we have evolved much during the last few years. We have done everything we could for the welfare of mankind but we forget the reason we were sent here. We forget that there is a force so much more powerful than us, one that can destroy the whole world with one word, mine command, one signal, one wish. We forget that we are just a small part of this big universe, that we don’t matter unless He wants us to. We have forgotten our religion, our God and with that we have lost our greatest strength. Some people even deny the existence of God. We sin and then we think that there is no one to punish us for those sins. Some of us don’t even think of them as sins. Our biggest excuse, “everyone is doing it so why not us”, but there always comes a time when we realize our mistake. Some people are fortunate enough to realize soon, others are not so lucky.


Salar was the same kind of person. His father was a rich man and he had all the money he needed to do whatever he wanted. He would lie, and drink, and sometimes he would even steal, not for the thing itself, but for the pleasure of seeing someone trying to get their things back and failing. He didn’t even think of them as sins, just ways of amusement. He had a brand new sports car and all the money he needed, but he was very arrogant. Although, he was a Muslim, he didn’t believe in the existence of God. He thought it was all just a lie to make everyone fear a supernatural being that didn’t exist. He was very drawn towards philosophy and always wondered what would be in hell if it existed and how it would feel like to die. One day, he got the answer. Salar was a very good hiker and often went to the mountains in his sports car for hiking. Today was like any other day for him but he didn’t know that this day would make him believe in the existence of God. He was on his way back to his car from the mountains when he was stopped by two bikers holding guns. He wasn’t afraid though. He knew that all they wanted was his money and then they would leave him alone so he followed them into the forest and let them tie his hands and feet together. He gave up all his money and valuables and even gave them the key to his car. But then came the scary part. They tied his hands and back to a tree with an iron cord that bit into his flesh every time he tried to move his hands.


They untied his feet and left him alone in the wild with no chance of escape. For the first few hours, he thought nothing would happen to him and he would be rescued by someone and taken to his father. Surely his family would notice that he was missing and start searching for him. As time passed, he realized that he was so deep inside the foliage of the forest that no one would find him. That was the moment he realized that he was being punished by God for all his sins, the first time he ever thought God actually existed. Then he started praying, seeking forgiveness for all his sins. After that, he tried to move his hand and a scream of agony left his lips but the cord remained as it was before. It was getting dark and the gloom haunted him. He felt something biting off his neck but couldn’t move to see what it was. At that moment he felt like he was dying and for the first time, he realized how death felt like. He felt like all the breath was being drawn out from his lungs and that his head would burst. And for the first time, he longed gator death.


For a chance to escape all the pain and misery and then he realized how hell must feel like. At that point, he was so tired that he didn’t even have the strength to pull at the cord again. All he could do was pray. And he did. He prayed for forgiveness. He prayed for mercy. He prayed that if he got out of the dreadful forest alive, he would be a different man. That he would all his sins behind and begin a new life full of piety. That he would believe in God, in the existence of the supernatural. And that was the moment that he felt a burden lift from his shoulders. For the last time he tried to move his hands and to his relief, the cord became loose and he was free. After a lot of struggle, he found a way out of the forest and by morning he was at home. From that day on, Salar Sikandar was a different man. He was a man full of truth and piety with a firm belief in God. He never sinned again, not knowingly anyways. And he became a preacher of religion. And in this way, a terrible accident turned a terrible man into a religious and holy person, firming his belief in God and the afterlife.


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