29 Mar

Invisible Maxi


By: Maria Javed

It was a rainy day and Maxi was sitting by the window looking outside. She was very upset. It was not that she was a disobedient child but it was the first time she had a row with her mother. Her mother Mrs. Matilda Dynes was a dress designer. As Maxi was her only child, she wanted her to be a dress designer so she can support her business. Maxi had a dream of becoming a scientist since childhood. She had worked hard in her studies to make her dream a reality. But now when she had to choose her career her mother forbade it. Why her mother was so reluctant to let her chooses her own occupation?

Next day she told her professor about the entire situation. He was worried about her. How can a girl with such an academic record, curiosity and enthusiasm about science be a dress designer? Her professor helped her meet a scientist and told him about her. The scientist’s name was Hyson Berg. After interviewing her, he said ‘why don’t you work with me? I’ll coach you secretly. You can tell your mother that you will go for some higher studies and then you will think about your career.’  And she agreed.

She began working in Berg’s scientific lab. It was a new experience just as she had thought. She came to know about different inventions that were made in this lab. Some of them were related with clothing like Rocket skirt, tornado shirt, Bronze cap, and brass shoes. She asked Mr. Berg about these items. He said: ‘these are nothing my dear child, wait till you see our latest invention; The Marine Gown.’ Maxi was very curious about this special gown ‘Oh sir please do tell me about this’. So the scientist took her to a special lab and showed her the gown. He said ‘This gown functions like the invisibility cloak in the famous Harry Potter stories. It simply makes you invisible. But unfortunately the formula we had created after years of struggle, was stolen by a scientist who worked here his name was Chute Sai. His specialty is unique dress designing with all the scientific gadgets’. He showed her his picture. This clicked something in Maxi’s mind.

‘Sir, I know this person. He works with my mom but… he can’t be a scientist and mom told me his name. It is Patrick’. Professor Berg looked at her in a strange way. He asked a few questions about him and confirmed her that he was the same person ‘we looked everywhere for him but it just never occurred to us that he could be working as a normal dress designer’. Maxi was angry about this whole thing and she told Berg that she would do anything to bring back the stolen papers.

And there she was in front of the apartment where her mother worked as a dress designer. She had stolen the keys from Matilda’s drawer. She wasn’t guilty because she was just stealing something that was rightfully the property of her lab. She unlocked the door and stepped inside but what was that on the floor? The floor was all red and looked like blood. She was very scared and mustering all the courage she had she went into the room and found the body of Chute Sai just behind the desk. She wanted to scream at the top of her voice. It was too much for her. She found a letter near his body signed De Burette. She opened it at once without a single thought and it said:

‘See Matilda, you cannot hide from me. I found him and killed him. Next is your turn’

Who was that person and why he was after her mother? She was shocked and confused. She searched the whole room to find her answers and she found a diary of the person which was by then lying dead in the room. In the diary were photos of Chute Sai and her mother and few other people standing in the same lab where she worked. She quickly turned the pages and in one page was a news cutting dated forty years back. In this was a picture of her mother who looked very young, Chute Sai and another boy. Beneath it was a caption:

‘From left: Miss Matilda Jacob, Chute sai and the teen age science enthusiast Alex who died Monday morning in the accident which occurred during the creation of the “hyped” Marine gown. The jury had declared Miss Matilda and Chute sai blameless by saying that it was an accident. ’

After reading this she came to know that her mother was a scientist by profession and not a dress designer. She realized why her mother was so reluctant to let her become a scientist. The jury had declared them innocent but this man De burette had not forgiven them. Who was he? May be a close relative of Alex? But that was not the time for all this. She had to tell her mother of the threat.

She quickly went home Matilda was not there, she called her but the phone was switched off. In her panic the first person she could think of was her boss. So she went to her lab. The worker informed her that he was meeting somebody and told her to wait. That was the last thing she wanted to do at the moment WAIT? Her mother was in danger all because of that stupid invisibility thing. ‘The Marine Gown’; she had went to the apartment to steal the final papers for the marine gown. But the marine gown was in the news cutting forty years back, so how can it be ‘latest invention’.

She looked around everyone was busy in its own work. She went into the lab where Marine gown was. No one was there so she put on that invisibility gown and looked in the mirror. Yes she was indeed invisible. She went towards her boss office still wearing the gown. There were voices coming from in there. She recognized that voice, it was her mother’s but what was she doing there.

‘I told you and the jury confirmed it’. It was her mother’s trembling voice.

‘You are lying’

‘It was an acc…’

‘It was not an ACCIDENT. You killed him.’

Maxi went inside wearing the gown. She was shaking by that time. ‘Oh here comes Maxi. She gave me all the information I needed about the…Oh surprised? Ha-ha you think you were invisible? Told you that gown was not completed’

‘Maxi what are you doing here?’

‘She works for me. She is a genius. I liked her but then she told me about Chute Sai and about you. That’s how I killed him. Okay enough talk…I know I will be arrested for killing you here in my own lab but I don’t care about my life. You’ve already taken it by killing my only son. See this chemical here? It was made by you mother in the making of that stupid gown. It took my sons life’

He opened the cap of the big transparent bottle in which something frizzy was contained and moved towards Matilda. Maxi didn’t know what she was thinking; the only thing she knew was that how much she loved her mother and how much she had hurt her by joining this lab. She was responsible that her mother was in danger. She leaped towards him and some of the contents of the bottle splashed on her face but she managed to turn the opening towards de burette and the rest of the bubbly liquid fell over de burette and he fell down dead. The pain, the itching, and the burning sensation on her face, she couldn’t endure it and all went dark.

She woke up in the hospital. Her mother was by her side. She was absorbed in writing something. She looked up and was so shocked that the papers fell out of her lap. ‘Oh Maxi, we thought you will never wake up. The doctors told us that you were in coma. Oh my goodness it’s been two years,’ she was breathless. Maxi was astonished to hear that. Her face was all burnt but her mother told her that the doctors would do plastic surgery. They talked and talked for a long time. Matilda told her that they were proved innocent because of the CC TV camera. Maxi then remembered the papers and inquired about them. Matilda replied, ‘Maxi I am a scientist you know that now. I was afraid of Hyson Berg de burette. I left my profession which was my passion. But now you made me brave. The mother of such a courageous girl should not be a coward. So I am again working at a lab and guess what I have finished with Marine gown but it has got a new name’ Maxi was very happy with this ‘mom what is the new name?’

‘Invisible Maxi’ and she laughed.


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