Internet Connecting Or Breaking Us Apart?

Internet Connecting Or Breaking Us Apart?
27 Dec

By Eisha, Lahore


As time passes by, technologies are advanced and many new discoveries are made. We are all thankful for all of this, because it is for the betterment of mankind. Access to the internet is one of the most essential things in today’s life, almost every field requires it and so more and more people are gaining access to it. The world has become, as we say a “Global Village”. Social media has helped us so much in connecting with each other. But something that I believe not many of us are aware of today, is the other side of the picture, not the disadvantages of internet as a whole but just those related to our social lives.


It is true; you can send direct messages easily and update a status or tweet within seconds using Face book or Twitter, share videos on Youtube, video call using Skype, share your music through Sound Cloud. In short you can reach millions of people within second and do everything imaginable, expand your social circle and communicate easily. However one downside of the internet, more specifically that of social media is not actually something we’ve been ignoring, its actually just “beginning” to become a problem. The generation of today has become more techno-centric as well as ego-centric; they’re so involved in their new technologies that the older generation has come to start calling them “fast”. They log into Facebook and Twitter every so often but now even terms that remain unknown to the past generations like “comments” and “likes” on Facebook and “Retweets” on twitter are breaking us apart without us even being aware of this cold truth. I see people fussing about how it was so rude that their friend didn’t “like” their profile picture and that they would do the same or how someone’s “comment” was way too short or wasn’t really a compliment at all or how someone didn’t reply to their last message and the conversation ended awkwardly. There’s no need to be surprised because this is what all of us have become, and there’s only one thing to be blamed. Yes, the internet or more precisely social media.


I’ve seen people who stop talking to each other in real life just because of little arguments over silly things on the internet. One reason for this is that almost 90% of the people feel more comfortable writing something (or typing in this case) than saying it. However, this doesn’t mean that social networking sites have, in any way whatsoever eradicated the fakeness in our society, in fact it has done the exact opposite. Surely you don’t need me to tell you about all the pretenders and wannabes on these so net sites who put up thousands of pictures to show you how cool they are and how much fun their lives are while in reality they are just self-centered attention seekers. Have we really dropped to this level? Do you really think it’s fair to judge people by their Facebook profile? And if you get no likes on your material, does it really make you such a looser? If you’re honest your answer is going to be yes, I know it. I think we should all just stop for a second, and think about it. I would like to request you all to take steps now, starting from yourself to bring us back to the “Real world” and stop this virtual world from damaging our social relations anymore.

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