02 Apr

Inspirational: Muniba Mazari

By AzkiaMahmood,Lahore

MunibaMazari is a proud of Pakistan.She is the famous artist,writer,charity model, host, andmotivational speaker.She is a strength of Pakistani women.She has changed the perspective of people who think Pakistani women are not strong enough to fight for their rights.She is a lady of great moral strength.

MunibaMazari was born on 3 March 1987.She met a car accident at the age of 21.She was going to her hometown.On her way, the car fell into the ditch.She was taken to the nearby hospital but due to lack of medical aid and good doctors, she was shifted to a hospital in Karachi.She had a major spinal injury and multiple fractures.The doctors had to put metal to fix her bones. The saddest thing is there was no ambulance available.She was thrown into a jeep inorder to take her to the hospital.If an ambulance was available may be her legs could be saved

As a result of spinal injury, her lower limbs were paralyzed.When she was in the hospital, many dear ones left. Instead of crying, she prayed to Allah to give her strength.She started painting.Her painting represented our true culture.She said in an interview that she added color in her colorless life through paint otherwise she would have been dead lying on the hospital bed looking at white walls around.

Some experiences of her life show us that we are helpless with legs and she is free without them.In an interview she said that when she feels thirsty at night she had to wait till morning because she does not want to disturb anyone.She further told that she could not go to some other country for treatment as it is expensive and she was not financially strong.

UN WOMEN; renowned for gender equality and empowerment of women, has named her as a female goodwill ambassador. She is Pakistan’s first female ambassador.She is also given the title of the inspirational women from Ponds Age Miracle.Mazari also did charity shoot for Tony and Guy.She has numerous other achievements as well.

The reason why I am inspired from her is that she did not let her deficiency become an excuse.She did what she wanted to.Instead of complaining, she prayed for help and mercy.I loved the way she managed to pull herself out of the worst situations.I have seen many people cry and fret for what they were not given but saw only a few praying and thanking for what was given to them.Muniba proves to be a person who knows that Allah knows what is good for us and only blesses us with it.She said that she would have never been the person she is right now if that accident did not occur.

MunibaMazari may have lost her physical strength but she never lost her moral strength .She may have lost her dear ones but have surely won millions of hearts. She is surely the most influential personality for young generation especially women. We salute you!


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