How to maintain and grow long hair

How to maintain and grow long hair
04 Mar


Long and healthy hair is a dream of every girl. You apply mask, oil treatment etc. but hair fall etc. comes in the way, and you find just unhealthy short hair. There are some tips for that and I have followed them. I found my hair 1 inch long (per month), less split-ends and even healthy and stunning hair.

Limit your heat

Unlimited heat like blow-dryer, flat iron, curlers can produce cracks & split ends, which stops the growth of your hair. You should heat your hair on specific event or just stop heating your hair. If you have to heat your daily use a good heat protector.


As styling your hair you need some products like gel, spray, dry wax etcetera but they vanish your like heroine vanishes your nose bone. So it is extremely dangerous for your hair. Some girls use products even going to school. But their hair is just like birth nest. First I used a lot of products on my hair but my mother just hides them anywhere. I got angry on her but later on I realized how good she did with me.


As balance diet is good for your body and face similarly it is also excellent for hair. I recommend those foods which reduces fat and cholesterol and improve blood circulation i.e. vegetables. The best diet for your hair is: kadoo. As it was also liked by our beloved one i.e. Hazrat Muhammad (P.B.U.H). It has many vitamins which are essential for long hair.


Hydrated hair, happy hair

Drinking a lot of water also keeps your skin glowing. But you should drink warm water, while washing your hair use cold water. Yes it seems very awkward but later on you’ll become use to it.

Hair mask/natural conditioners

I recommend: yogurt, avocado, coffee seeds mask and of course egg. It nourishes your hair, reduce dandruff, split ends and hair fall. Also add some olive oil to it. Apply mask every week (on dry hair). Rinse with only water.


Olive oil, pomegranate oil, is excellent for your hair. It gives an excellent shine to your hair.          Note: Don’t use olive oil single. Use it with other oils or hair mask.


Massaging hair improves blood circulation. Do massage your hair once a week or you can massage your while doing shampoo oiling for 15 minutes. Comb is also a type of massaging tool. I use to do comb two times a day.    Note: don’t comb on wet hair.

Want to feel a difference take a selfie with you. After a month take selfie again. Compare them. You will feel a difference. Want more tips go to YouTube and subscribe these channels: superwowstyle, superprincessjo, bubzbeauty, and cofeeandmakeup.



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