How To – Give Great Gifts

How To – Give Great Gifts
08 Mar

By Eisha, Lahore

With the numerous gift giving occasions that come up each year like birthdays, Eid etc, sometimes it can become really hard to find out what you can gift to someone. In an earlier article I talked about how giving gifts can strengthen bonds and bring people together. If you’re one of those people who thinks giving good gifts can be a tricky experience, don’t worry because here are some tips to help you give great gifts.

Giving thoughtful gifts is a good way to show how much you care about someone and how much you know about their likes and dislikes. Therefore it is best to gather information about these things. If you want your gift to be very special and wonderful you might want to consider the option of asking people who know this person well for suggestions. Remember, if all else fails you still have the option of asking the person yourself!

A Little Research
A little harmless research can help you get to know the person better and identify what they would like. You can do this by observing them and learning about their hobbies and interests. Another option is, stalking them on social media, no I’m not kidding! Don’t go overboard and don’t become a stalker! But just keep your eyes open and know what kind of thing they like. After all, the internet is a great tool to gather information about others and if done in a good way, and for a good purpose, they won’t mind.

GGG (8)Get Creative
If you think there is absolutely nothing that the shops offer which would delight this person, or if you’re a really creative person, or if you don’t have lots of money to spend or if you simply want your gift to stand out of the crown and be extra special don’t hesitate to get crafty. Not only will you have fun creating something, you will also be saving money and the person you give your gift to, will surely be delighted and admire your efforts. Be creative, be special!

Go for Non-Stuff
Not stuff gifts are also a great option and are great because not many people think about giving them, so you’re probably the only one which is of course pretty special and unique! Think out of the box, forget the general idea of buying and giving “things” as gifts. Instead go for the more creative options, the ones the person will enjoy more like Coupons for free services from Spas and Salons, Movie tickets, Tickets for concerts, Gift certificates, subscriptions or discount coupons from their favourite shops.

I think food is a type of gift which deserves a separate category. Food is a great gift for a foodie. Chocolate makes a pretty delicious gift! You can also take the person out to eat in their favourite restaurant or make something yourself! If you’re good at baking, a homemade cake would be a great idea or you can cook something else they might like.

GGG (2)Wrap It Up
One of the most important things you need to remember in order to give great gifts, is the packing. If the packing is great and your gifts are nicely wrapped up in some fancy wrapping paper, the person will surely like it. You could also get creative with the wrapping and add ribbons, bows buttons etc to make it look more beautiful. That’s it, now you can gift it!

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