02 Apr

How to gain weight the healthy way?

By Abdul Basit

Many slim people are unaware of how to gain weight in a healthy way. They have struggled all their life eating the wrong foods, performing the wrong exercises and taking weight gain pills that unfortunately end up giving them the wrong results. Others put on unhealthy weight and end up with fat and bone and no muscles. Here are weight gain tipsthat will help you gain weight the healthy way.
a) A healthy diet should contain calories and proteins. Proteins such as meat especially chicken and fish, beans and other legumes, eggs, cheese, milk, yoghurt, peanut butter are ideal. Calories can be obtained from nutsseeds, and fruits like avocadoes. Processed meats like sausages should be limited in use. Emphasis should be laid on three heavy meals a day and eating more than usual portion. Fast foods such as sodas, chips, pizzas and candies should be avoided as they contain fat which is bad.An example of a healthy meal is a turkey sandwich served with whole grain bread, mayonnaise, tomatoes together with a fruit smoothie. Gaining weight needs one to eat foods that are not only rich in calories but also full of nutrients; this is the same thing that nutritionists would advocate for.
b) Develop a habit of eating frequently. Besides knowing the types of foods that you need to eat, get a meal schedule. Due to the fact that gaining weight needs more calories and more nutrients, the value of your meals need to be greatly increased for purposes of muscle formation.
c) At all costs, do not skip meals. When you skip a meal, your body will end up using your reserved fats. Get a time table so that you can eat on time. An ideal meal would include a minimum of three heavy meals and two snacks for the day. If you would like to gain more weight, during the meals, make sure that you double the amount and stick to your schedule at all times.
d) Be consistent in the meal schedule just the same way that you would do for someone who is trying to gain weight. Follow the schedule very religiously in order to have your desired weight attained.
Besides taking a healthy meal, there exist weight gaining supplementsthat will help you in achieving your objective of weight gain. It should be remembered that supplements are not replacements for healthy meals. Instead they should be with a diet plan as directed.They include:
a) Creatine- This is a substance that occurs naturally within the muscle cells and particularly at the skeletal muscle tissue which is used for modulation and the production of cellular energy.
b) Beta alanine- It is a naturally occurring amino acid that is non essential which is gained in the body through those foods that are greatly rich in protein like poultry.
c) Whey protein consumption improves the body performance and helps in lean muscle gain
d) Branch Chain amino acids for the recovery of muscles
e) Glutamine- This usually slows down the breakdown of the muscle tissue during intensive exercises that will improve the threshold strength and have endurance elevated.
Exercises should be done moderately. Since the aim is to build muscles, it should not be overdone since this would lead to weight loss, workouts should short and fast rather than prolonged. Squats, dead lifts, dips are appropriate. Regular schedules of workouts should be adhered to.
Sleep is very important when it comes to weight gain. With a proper meal as outline above, eight hours of sleep will help the body to build weight.

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