12 Jan

Forbidden Story of a Forgotten Room

Aatiqa Nisar


They all were knocking the door of her little room violently

And were screaming in harsh voices

Calling her out


She was standing in the corner of her room

Scared, and confused what to do

Her heart was pounding


All  of  her  dreams were  standing  beside  her ,holding  her  yellow  frock

Just  like  the  small  kids  who  cling  to  their  mother  whenever  they  feel  scared

The  beating  on  the  door  was  getting  more  loud  and  disturbing

She  heard  one  of  them  suggesting  others  to  break  the  door


She looked around her

There were a lot of colorful dreams stacked to her

“Oh my God!  What  if  they  will  break  the  door and  tear  my  dreams  off  along  with  me”

No  , they  don’t  deserve  this,  probably  I  do  but  they  don’t

“Hide inside my closet, faster “she whispered

“No  ,we  won’t  leave  you ,  cause  we  belong  to you ”  they  refused

“They  will  burn  you  , try  to  understand  , you  have  to  hide  for  me,  please  ”


After  a  little  argument  , she hold  all  of  them  in  her little  hands  to  throw  them  in  old  closet

Accidentally, a little dream fall off from her hand

She bent to pick it


In  her  try  to  pick  up  that  little  dream  , all  her  dreams , big  ones  and  little  ones,  possible  ones  and  impossible  ones  , slipped  from  her  hands,  fall  down  and  get  scattered  on  the  floor  ,

Just  like  the  pearls  from  the  necklace  of a beautiful  lady  , that  fall  off  with  a strange  rhythm  , when  the  necklace  gets  broken


And in  the  meantime  , the  door  opened  with  a deafening  blast  ….


They all entered the room, and had a look around

There is nothing they could see except those scattered pearls

Getting  mad with  anger  , they  decided  to  set  the  room  on  fire  , to end  this  plotlesss  story


After  a few seconds , the room  was  burning  and  the flames  were  rising  high  touching  the  roof  , she  was  still standing  , but  now in  the  middle ,

Not in corner,

Watching  her  dreams  getting  burnt,  there  was  the  reflection  of  rising  flames  in  her  beautiful  eyes

And then, after burning her dreams the cruel flames approached her


Why the flames didn’t burn her first?


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