04 Mar

Feature: Frozen time…

By Ahmad Qaisar

It befell rashly and…..recklessly. One moment it was all glee and bliss but the second moment Mayas’ eyes were bursting with tears. She remained there at the curve of the road; ogling at the dead body of her mom. She stared at the blood which was seeping out of her mom’s head with anguish and hopelessness. The body laid there…..her eyes open…..mouth open…it made desolation crammed inside Maya. A horde assembled around the two women.

A car had collided with Maya’s mom. The mishap befell chaotically, whilst Maya and her mom were having the time of their life. They were chuckling at a hilarious joke which Maya articulated. She was profoundly relishing themoment that, she became unwary of the car which was at a swift pace and which was negligent ofthe people who were strolling across the corner of the road. This was undoubtedly the most dismaying ordeal which life had thrown upon her. After a few seconds of sobbing and abhorring her life, she scampered to her mom and shrieked: “Mom!!”  Without any kind of vacillation she checked if her mom was breathing. Realizing that her mother was not breathing, Maya shouted: “Anyone, plea…plea…please call the ambulance! My mo.…mo.…mom’s not respiring! She may depart her life! Please, anyone!”

“I’ve called the ambulance. They’re on their way. Don’t worry, they’ll be arriving soon,” a benevolent person from the crowd notified Maya. Nevertheless, it took not less than half an hour to get there. During all that time, Maya with her mother on her lap was bawling in a book retailer. The ‘benevolent person from the crowd’ had provided Maya place in his store. Even in the ambulance she kept screeching in a piercing and penetrating voice: “Mom! Mom! Don’t die! You’re going to live! I promise. Just, please, please, o….o….open up your eyes.” Her moaning was exceedingly thunderous that all the escorting people were getting fretful. Her journey to the hospital was brusque and vindictive.  All the way she was pondering at what her life would be without the person on whom she could rely on: her mom. Miserable, dejected, disconsolate, saturnine and glum. Nothing affirmative or positive crossed her mind. Negativity as well as pessimism was gyrating around her mind. What would she do? How would she live her life blissfully? Such atrocious thoughts wouldn’t dwindle from her cynic mind. As she debarked in the hospital, the medical staff was sprinting towards Mayas’ moms’ numb body. Maya strived to follow her mom but several medics tried to halt her. One of the internes took Maya to the waiting unit.

“Please remain here. We can’t take you to the casualty room.”

“Why the heck can’t you take me there?! I’m her daughter, for Heaven’s sake!” It was as if ire and wrath was running in Maya’s veins, faster than her blood.

“Still, you can’t. You’ll be diverting the attention of the doctors. Stay here, we’ll not let your mother’s life get futile.” Articulating these sentences the medic sprinted into the casualty room, leaving Maya with nihilism and skepticism.

An hour of unease and anxiousness; an hour of worry and a little bit optimism; an hour of endeavoring to see through the curtains of the casualty room. A moment crossed when she began to muse over the pleasing and marvelous memories which she made with her mom. She stared at her mother’s purse; and persisted to stare at it. She took out a card from her mom’s purse. It was the birthday card which she made for her mom three months ago. A photograph accidently fell from the purse. It was in a jiffy when Maya clutched the pic and fathomed from when the picture was taken. In the soreness and discomfort, Maya was able to recall reminiscence with her mother in a matter of a second. It was as if another attribute had entered into her: adeptness of remembering. But the quality was all because of the maudlin feeling which was rowing inside her. The pic showed Maya hugging her mother cozily. It signified the love and adoration of a mother and daughter. Plus, it indicated an impeccable relationship ever forged.During these soppy long and harsh minutes Maya recalled the time when she and her mom went for trekking. Perhaps, she thought it was the most impressive time with her mom. It was stamped on her memory.

At last, the moment came. A registrar came out of the room with a blue and melancholy expression on his face. Seeing this, Maya felt more fretful and agonizing than before. She was praying for a miracle to take place. She was praying that the doctor would say something comforting. She was praying that her beloved mother would not depart from her life. She desired for her mother to be happily continuing her life. “Is sh….sh….she fine? Can I see her?”

“Maya, you won’t be able to see your mom from now. She didn’t make it. We struggled to give the kiss to her life but unfortunately, misfortune had attached itself to us. Your mom isn’t in this world anymore.” These frenetic and despondent words were the final words which Maya heard before the world turned upside down for her. These chaotic sentences made time freeze for Maya. The momentthose vile words came out, she just stood there with hopelessness and glumness. Time had completely frozen. It was like all her happiness had faded and the sadness had initiated. With her mom gone, there was no reason for her to live the rest of her life.

She began to sob. “No, no, no. This can’t happen. She has got to live. Today isn’t her day to leave me.” With these inconsolable words, she darted towards the room where her moms’ life became obsolete. Her crystal clear tears dropped on the floor as she sprinted towards her moms’ bed.

As Maya had the first glance on her mother,lying numb on the bed, she coveted to join her because she never wanted to leave her moms’ presence, even if it meant to meet her death.She threw herself on her mom and began to weep. “Mom! You’re not dead, right? Please don’t leave me forever. I’ll do whatever chores or bores you’ll name. Just please, don’t die.” She continued to weep.

The medical and para medical staff entered the room. “Maya. We’re feeling extremely remorseful. And we all know how you feel. But, perhaps it’s time to call the time of her death. You should call your kin.”

“No. She’s not dead and I’m not going without her,” Maya thundered in a deafening tone. One of the nurses took Maya out of the room and acquainted Maya’s relations with the dismaying news.The time of death was announced and Maya kept on sobbing until next week. But the weeks ahead of them weren’t any better.

While her mother was being buried, Maya recalled ‘her mom’s’ face with ‘her’ eyes open. The subsequent years of her life, without being privileged of mother-love, were miserable. Every so often, she would take her mothers’ photo album and relish the memories in a gloomy way. She would take out her mother’s dress and imagine her mother in it. She would imagine her youthful years with her mom. She would make the molten lava cake; which her mother used to make for her and cry till she took the last bite of it. She would spend the 24 hours of the day feeling mawkish and sentimental. She would recall the moment when her mother died and whentime completely froze for her….


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