11 Feb

Famous YouTube Sensation: `TECHRAX`

Interviewed by: Nehal Khan

TechRax is a famous YouTube channel, reaching to 30 million subscribers and over 5.2 billion views. Taras, the man behind this channel is a young YouTube sensation, famous for his destructive experiments, drop tests, heating tests, boiling tests, and fun testing on the latest mobiles and gadgets. Be sure to go to his channel and enjoy these videos on https://www.YouTube.com/user/TechRax

1) Tell us about yourself;your life outside YouTube?

I was born in Ukraine but I now live in California since 1999. I currently go to college full-time while making these videos side by side.

2) When did you start your YouTube channel?

Sept. 2009 when I was 16 years old.

3) How did this idea come to you to become a YouTuber?

Well, it was never in my mind. It was in fact created by the passion I had for creating videos as a hobby, when I would come back after school.

4) Name one of your favorite YouTubers who inspired you.

DudeFromUkraine. I remember him having 10,000 subscribers when I only had a few hundred. At that time, I used to think how amazing it would be to achieve that milestone.

5) We have seen a lot of crazy and interesting experiments in your videos, how difficult is it to carry out these experiments?

They all come with their own risks but I try and make the video without worrying what might happen.

6) Throughout your YouTube journey, what difficulty did you face to reach this level?

The feedback! Although I enjoy all the positive criticism, there have always been those people who try and do whatever they can for you to stop making videos. I have learned to ignore these setbacks.

7) How difficult is it to maintain a YouTube channel with millions of subscribers? 

Once you are consistent, it’s fairly tolerable. Never give up and keep making relevant content and everything will go with the flow.

8) What are the pros and cons of being a YouTuber?

I can only find pros of being a YouTuber. The entertainment, the community, the benefits, and incentives, are all great.

9) Amongst all your experiments; was there any specific experiment you remember, that was the most interesting to you?

I think throwing the Xbox One into the resort spa was a very interesting one to me just because I had so much anticipation before filming it.

10) Any experiment that went horribly wrong?

Besides smelling a variety of different scents all ranging from sour batteries to sharp chemicals, thankfully I have all my arms and legs.

11) What are your Current/ future projects?

 I always brainstorm future ideas that are creative, original, and unique. Most of them are all underworks.

12) Any message to your fans?

They are the reason I can do this! They are the best. You can stay in touch on https://twitter.com/techrax?lang=ja


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