14 Nov

Dress According To Your Body Type!

By Eisha, Lahore

Clothes have been an essential part of our lives for decades. But as the centuries have passed, their importance has increase enormously, as they portray the thinking of a civilized community and depict one’s character, family, personality (etc). This century, clothing has been taken to another level, it has evolved to a rather “craze” and “obsession” rather than necessity, but one thing people still need to know is how to dress according to their personality, size, and most of all their body type. This unknowingly showcases a juvenile side of your mind, which has incomplete knowledge. This is very important because people judge you by your dressing, so keep reading to know the tips and tricks of dressing such that you feel comfortable in your figure!


Tall People

If you’re one of those rare tall people, you must by rule of psychology tend to want to look smaller, shorter or simply of a normal height. If this is your case, then to fit in, wear round fronted flats rather than pointed shoes to make you look shorter. Wear long blazers, cots and cardigans as well as long tops. This is it for the taller people, and these tips also go as absolute “don’ts” for shorties!


Proudly Petite

For every short person (except in some conditions) wants to look rather tall we suggest that you grab a few pairs of heel the next time you go shopping, and if you’re a guy wear creepers or footwear with bigger soul, this will add a dramatic change in your height. Avoid wearing Capri’s or cropped shorts, and go for tight clothing. Definitely purchase a few maxi skirts, dresses and flared jeans which can also help hide your heels! Wear stripes, one coloured outfits and pointy fats for a visual increase in height.


Cute & Chubby

There’s no need to be shy or feel bad about yourself if you’re a bit overweight or chubby. Remember; while dressing you can make almost anything go to your advantage if the right tricks are used. If you yourself are round, then stay away from round necks go for, v-necks. Wear darker colours and clothing that fit properly, which is not too tight or baggy. Avoid ankle straps and pick heels. Wear eye catching accessories to drag attention away from problem areas.


Too Skinny

If you think you’re too skinny and flat, then it is only natural that you’d like to add a little to your figure and personality. Experiment with different bright colours and attractive prints freely and don’t go overboard with darker colours, or skip them permanently. Wear belts around the waist and avoid clothing that is too clingy. Be confident and wear lady like fabrics like lace and silk. Go for light peaches, pinks and whites for casual as well as formal looks!


A Mix Of Everything

Some body-shapes are rather hard to define; you can be tall, skinny, short, as well as a bit chubby at the same time. Some people have difficult structures which can easily be categorized as a mixture of all the above. Your problem areas and feel-proud areas can be different so to elongate a body parts make use of stripes and go dull to derive attention from the problematic ones. Keep the right proportions in mind, and don’t do “a lot” of anything, keep cool and you’ll look great!

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