Don’t Stop, Keep It Moving!

Don’t Stop, Keep It Moving!
08 Feb

By Aymen Arif Malik

Army Public School Peshawar, it was my first school ever. I was 4 years old, 16 years back, kindergarten…..I still remember the grounds, classes, corridors, children in uniforms. They didn’t attack the school, they attacked our memories, our feelings and our associations. They didn’t only kill those kids, they killed our hearts, our souls and our pasts. So much happens around us, sometimes so much painful we feel like we are going to explode with anger, pain, depression; sometimes the world appears to be merely a place of grief and sorrow. Yet there are times when we celebrate, when we find this life less gloomy and more cheerful, these ups and downs we face individually and as a nation, isn’t this all a part of being in this world. This is life, sometimes a rose and sometimes a thorn.

So don’t stop…keep it moving get on the floor, yes! Tie up the laces, fold your sleeves and ready set go. Another year has passed and the world has entered 2015, which is looking at us like a new born baby, eyes wide open, heart beat racing and every inch of the body excited. Before proceeding forward with this new baby year, how about just take a glimpse of the past year, see what we were able to accomplish and what was left unattended. How we were able to bring positive changes in ourselves and how we can improve ourselves further. What all the 12 months brought to us and how we tackled these months. What sorrows and moments of delight we experienced and what we learned from them. A man is known to be a selfish creature. We are always looking forward towards better and the best. And without glancing and noticing the last year, we cannot move towards the new one. So I suggest take a pen and paper, choose a peaceful quiet corner to sit and write the names of all the 12 months, leaving space in front of them. Now jot down the events which occurred in those months starting from January till December. The things which you enjoyed, moments of delight, moments of sadness and sorrow, when you were very angry and when you felt too guilty. Everything, write it down. Notice what change has been stirred in you over the past year. How you were at the start of 2014 and how different you are at the start of 2015. That will help in moving forward and improving yourself, your life and your ideas about the world.GS (6)

Human brain is said and known to be the most intelligent and mysterious creature science has ever come across. It has capabilities beyond one’s imaginations and dreams, the abilities most of us don’t have any idea of. Our brain does not have any pain receptors. It cannot feel any pain or anything. Doctors can perform the brain surgeries on conscious patients due to this fact, the lack of pain receptors. It is also the brain which helps us to determine the moods and feelings of the other person without them telling you or listening to their voice and words. Dreams, an unfathomable but startling phenomena also take place in our brain and proves how amazing this clever organ is. So when the creator of the universe has gifted us with an organ as complex and efficient as our brain, I don’t think the minor problems and situations can stop it, stop us from moving forward and reaching at the top, where success and satisfaction lies. Our brain has the tendency to bear and fight every type of pain and problem, it is capable enough to stand up again after every fall and fight and fight until it wins.GS (1)

So don’t stop here, don’t let the world shatter and defeat you, stay strong and move forward. Its 2015 a new start, a new beginning, get on the floor, rock the world, explore, experience, memorize, cry,  love and laugh because you never know who might not get another year to live in this world. We are all going through stuff in our lives, we all have plans, goals and dreams, things we want to accomplish in life but time waits for none! And I totally do not agree with this statement because it’s never too late to do anything in life as long you are blessed with the power of determination. So make new plans and goals, set timetables, follow them as much as you can, cross them where you stop and make plans again and fight and keep on fighting the situations until you win, until you successfully have achieved your goals. Remember the departed ones and stay close to the people still with us. Keep moving forward from one goal to the other, spend every day with energy and ambition and make small memories every moment….memories which will last a life time and make your story.

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