Don’t Let It Down

Don’t Let It Down
14 Nov

By Aden Tariq Choudhry, Lahore


We all owe an apology to Pakistan. We let it down! Pakistan was meant for great things. Let’s find a way to rise up again and rebuild what we lost. This isn’t through protests and violence; it is through education, development, tolerance and unity that we will prosper. Talking here isn’t associates to any specific political party or bring adverse power who ruined the peace of motherland. Although Pakistan is going through crucial times and infinite hindrances are the way of Pakistan’s prosperity but we can play a substantial role in saving the contentment of Pakistan and be the backbone for country. Political parties are always true in their social debates but who would be better for Pakistan is unpredictable so we cannot rely upon their promises and fake dreams that doesn’t reach on destination. We’ve to join hands and make a chain of unity to bring peace in this anxious environment where every Pakistani is afraid about terrorism, unstable economy, outside negative powers, inflation and much more. Adolf Hitler says, “Youth is the weapon, if controls positively.” We all have guts which if utilize properly can change the face of country. We’ve to find a proper channel first of all. Not only literate but illiterate folks can also play a substantial role because educated people keep education but uneducated people have experience. Here are some enlighten suggestions if we adopt them can eventually bring immeasurable positive consequences in Pakistan.

Be A Human
Pakistan’s population isn’t only consist of Muslims as group of Non-Muslims are also the important part of Pakistan. We should know their moral values as well. Their rights and responsibilities are the liability for every Pakistani. Don’t be an extremist as we are humans first. When their values are recognized, unity prospers.

Positive Chores
Things are good which are done in positive manners. Not only political parties are responsible for the prosperity also the dwellers play an important role in country establishment. If you want a change in nationwide, you’ve to bring a change in yourself first. You can give your best to enlighten your country. Don’t focus on mass, a tiny star on sky worth a lot. Make the habit to do positive chores which can bright the future of upcoming generation.

Deception & Lying
Deception and lying can ruin the morality and demolish the moral values of one’s. Be a habitual of truth, it is the straightway which leads you to destination. Dishonesty ruins the community as a whole. Don’t be a status symbol; your preferable choice would be down to earth. When rights of poor are met, country grows stronger.

Education should be easy and free for everyone so that poor can also get educated. It is the light which enlightens the dark caves. Education should necessarily be available for those who cannot afford to make their children educated. It can be the medium for better Pakistan. Save some amount from pocket money to utilize on education for those who are far away from this blessing. It may not worth now but someday it will make you feel proud.

These are some primary responsibilities which should be met to make our Pakistan better each day. This is the time to throw away our caste system and join hands to show the world that we’re Pakistani’s. Allah has blessed our land with every precious thing but need to recognize them and make their value. When everyone will humbly say ‘Don’t Let It Down’ there will be a time of rise up, peace!

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