02 Apr

Discoveries : The Great Inventors

By Sadaf Abbas

  1. Benjamin Franklin invented bifocals because he hated wearing glasses.
    2. Earle Dickson invented Band-Aid for his wife who had several kitchen accidents and required an accessible wound covering.
    3. It took Gordon Gould 30 years to obtain the patent for the invention of laser.
    4. J.B Dunlop, who invented the pneumatic tire was in reality a veterinary surgeon.
    5. Instant coffee was invented way back in 1906 by George C. Washington.
    6. Chester Greenwood was only 15 years old when he invented ear muffs.
    7. Marion Donovan invented waterproof diaper because she was tired of changing his child’s cloth.
    8. Ruth Wakefield invented chocolate chip cookies by accident.
    9. Marie Curie invented the element radium to treat diseases like cancer.
    10. Chef George Crum invented paper-thin potato chips.
    11. John Montagu invented sandwich accidently when he was very hungry and there was nothing to eat he told his servant to put a piece of meat in bread slices. This was world’s first sandwich.
    12. Dov Moran invented USB flash drive 10 years ago.
    13. Alexender Bain made the first fax machine.
    14. Water clock was invented by Julius Ceaser.
    15. Needle clock (the first ever clock that used water and shadow for time) was invented by an Egypt queen Cleopatra.
    15. Joseph Montgolifer and Jacques Montgolifer invented the hot air balloon.
    16. The first helicopter was invented before the invention of airplane by Igor Sikorsky.
    17. Orville and Wilber Wright (the Wright brothers) invented plane known as “The Wright Flyer”.
    18. The first bicycle was invented by Kirkpatrick Macmillan.
    19. Karl Benz invented the first three-wheeler car that later led to the invention of car.
    20. Gottlieb Daimler invented the first pre-actual motorcycle.
    21. Cornelius Drebbel invented the submarine (a vessel that moved and could be rowed underwater).
    22. Steam Boat was invented by an American engineer Robert Fulton.
    23. Samuel Morse made the telegraph successful but devising the Morse code.
    24. Alexander Graham Bell invented the first telephone in 1876.
    25. William Gray’s payphone worked from only one coin.
    26. Dr Martin Cooper invented the cellular phone (mobile).
    27. Lazlo and George Biro gave us the leak proof pen.
    28. Individual letter blocks were invented by Johannes Gutenberg (yeah! It was the first printing press).
    29. Nikola Tesla invented radio.
    30. Tim Berners-lee invented the World Wide Web (WWW).
    31. E-mail was invented before the invention of internet by Ray Tomlinson.
    32. Steven J Sasson invented the first digital camera in about 1975
    33. Video camera was invented by Jerome Lemelson
    34. Whitcomb L. Judson invented the zipper.
    35. Steve Jobs, inventor of Apple. Inc actually did this to compete with his friend, Bill Gates.
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