12 Jan


By H.A


“Drown deeper, go so deep

Take my hand, sink with me

I refuse to let you go

I refuse to leave your hand

Sit with me

Don’t accompany the land”


The phase that destroys all dimensions of reality, and sinks in so deep, you forget what actuality is. It makes you believe what is false and wrong in so many ways. It blindfolds you, so you don’t see the actual truth. And it only sets in because you do not want to accept something that could destroy you. You do not want to believe the truth that could shatter your heart into a million pieces, and then leave the broken shards behind to rot in hell, that has a fire so hot… your bones could become toast!


Ironic, since we humans crave for the truth every single time, and then refuse to accept it in moments like these…

Sorry, we’re getting off track.


In essence, Denial is a coping mechanism. This coping mechanism does not let a person accept a painful, factual reality. Basically it is lying to yourself, avoiding the situation, and refusing to accept the bitter truth that exists.


For example, when someone ‘extremely’ close to you dies; whom you love from the very core of your heart, it feels like your heart has been ripped out of your chest. So often at times people benumb themselves and refuse to accept that the person is gone, because the pain is so too much to take in. If they do, they are not so sure that they are not going to turn into walking talking corpses.


It is not necessary that only deaths can cause denial. There are many other causes too, that include ‘breakups, abusive relationships with people, broken friendships, work, stress, anger, depression. And even loneliness.


But is refusing to accept something that tears you apart better than believing in some fiction fantasy that could emotionally exhaust you, and drain you both physically and mentally?

I do not think that way…


Because when you accept something that hurts your heart, it eventually heals somehow. Maybe not completely but ‘Time heals all wounds’.

Your heart may not be the ray of sunlight that it used to be, but… give it some time. It will heal naturally and you will shine brighter than the sun.



But on the contrary, if you consider a broader perspective. I do believe somehow that a little denial might actually help you live. I’m not saying it’s right, I’m not saying it’s completely healthy, but when a person has suffered through so much pain and has had his/her heart shattered innumerous times, you ought to let that person live in castles in the air for a while before the world comes crashing about.


Yes, I am very much aware of the consequences that follow the ruination after the ‘living in a whimsical’ and how the building might collapse just after its completion.


But, take a moment. Think. If one person who has lost everyone he/she has cared about, and has been hurt more times than an average country population, and is about to go through pain once again. He/She might just die from the consistency of waves of shock and internal pain.


See the problem here? This is a very deep and wide ocean and let’s not jump into it without safeguard.


You see ‘Denial might be good for a specific period of time. Just for the healing bit.

No, it is not healthy, but I believe that diving into deeper context and a broader perspective might just change the ways of understanding a situation.

Because I do not have with me strong examples, as this situation can only be felt.



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