Delectable Audi A5

Delectable Audi A5
08 Feb

By Usman Tariq, Sharjah

Audi, a German automobile manufacturer, a name that is pure class in itself was founded by August Horch in 1932. Volkswagen bought the company and re-launched the Audi brand in 1965. Audi has established its name as a high class luxury brand and is also a member of the iconic German Big 3 luxury brands with BMW and Mercedes Benz, which are also the three bestselling luxury car brands. Audi A5 is one of the torch bearer for the Audi brand. The look of the second generation Audi A5 is really gorgeous. A5 comes in coupe and cabriolet forms. A5 offers three zone climate control. A5 will feature with modern and high quality telematics and assistance systems. A5 also has the Audi side assist system that can help and alert driver when a vehicle is in blind spot. ┬áThe tech gadgetry includes full LED headlights and a head up display and free driving functionality. The very handsome A5 is powered by a turbo charged 2.0 liter four cylinder that delivers 220 horsepower. Audi A5 is also a four wheel drive car, with choice of a six speed manual or an eight speed automatic transmission, either of which makes the most of the four’s ample power band. The handling and ride of A5 is made smooth and comfortable keeping the comfort of the driver and passengers in mind. A5 also has the optional drive select system that allows owners to change steering, the throttle, suspension and transmission programming for a more responsive feel that can be paired with variable ratio Dynamic Steering. The powerful V6 engine has super charged 333hp. A5 is truly a sports car and the other features are better brakes and bigger wheels and tires is also the reason that gives it better handling. The champion of the A5 lineup is without any doubt the RS 5 version.

Audi (4)It is 4.2 liter V8 and has 450 which even sounds like a 450 horsepower car, its dual transmission clutch is extremely quick to shift, and its available sport discriminatory turns it into a rival for the likes of the C63 AMG, M3. A5 is immensely elegant and strikingly stylish, the two door A5 bears the stamp of Audi’s recent vintage of cars. The makers have given careful attention to every surfaces and every minimum detail of the car. The leather seats are excellent and have a nice level of firmness and boost. It is equally handsome either as coupe or convertible but the convertible A5 version looks even trendier and easily steals the show. The only downturn is at the front end where the deep open jawed grille seems too large and impressionistic, this year designers have slimmed down the headlamps and also muted the frame of the grille. The cabin of A5 strikes a coordinating chord with soothing shapes and a high level of fit and finish and new choices of trim ranging from carbon to stainless steel to good old fashioned wood. The A5 lineup is the perfect car for a couple and their luggage to travel in and not only that the rear can manage on or two extra passengers comfortably.

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