12 Jan

Daring Dexter almost Died!

Muhammad Aizaz Salahuddin

Hi I’m Dexter, widely known as Daring Dexter. Not to brag but I’m quite a daring guy and recently the 5 Carolina Reaper challenge has been going around and rumors are that doctors very much discourage this challenge as after effects can be fatal, from bad hallucinations to slipping into a coma and eventually death!

I being the daring person I am took the challenge and to take it one step further cleansed my whole house from all alkaline substances that I could use to help cool down the spiciness so that I could have no chance to quit.

I got the reapers and whilst filming the whole thing ate the reapers. Even before I had eaten the last one I experienced instant regret. Tears started flowing down my puffed up cheeks followed by screams and later followed by hallucinations. After just one minute I was a broken man.

I could handle spice but this seemed like no spice, it turned my tongue numb and my neck was burning. I needed milk or something to neutralize the spice! I had totally forgotten about the challenge and started to think about my own life! Maybe the doctors were correct. Maybe I could die! I rushed to a tap and drank liters of water, but water did not help!

My mind did not work properly and the hallucinations were worsening, I was slowly slipping away. I rushed to the telephone to call for help but my vision was blurry and so tripped and lay on the ground for a while, sobbing silently mixed with hiccups and that was when I slipped away.

Don’t worry I did not die, I remember waking up in a hospital bed with a newspaper at my side and the headline read “Daring Dexter almost dies!” and under that was written “Dexter has been in a coma for 2 weeks now!”

I instantly stood up processing this, 2 weeks?! 14 days?! Or is it 16? My mind was not working properly. Just then a nurse came in and tried to calm me down, she injected something in me that helped with the pain I still had. I had almost died because of that stupid challenge and my tongue still hurts when I talk. Being daring has its consequences and nowadays people are playing stupid games like the ‘Blue Whale’ (Don’t look it up because that’s kind of how the game starts) in which you inflict pain upon yourselves. I mean why you would even do that!  But still all jokes aside take care of yourselves and don’t do stupid things cause if something happens to you it can hurt other people much more than it would hurt you.



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