03 Sep

Condition Of Zoo In Pakistan

By Meerab Aamir


I think the zoo is a torture for animals in Pakistan. Transferring an animal from the wild into a closed compound system, providing with full security, protection, good food, and good lifestyle. That’s what zoo promises. But I don’t think so Pakistani zoo has completed their promise. There is however no comparison between an animal’s natural habitat and artificial cages. Especially in Pakistan, where there is an extreme lack of resources and lack of compassion and love for animals. Especially from last four, five years the zoo in Pakistan is crazily losing a lot of lives.


Just like the elephant in Lahore zoo, Suzi`s passing away at the age of 31 where elephants die at the age of between 50-60. And Suzi died due to loneliness and lack of resources. A zoo is supported to depict the exact environment from where the animal comes from. None of the enclosures in Pakistan Zoos depict the kind of environment the animal is coming from and its killing them and no one speaks about the rights of animals in Pakistan. The feed being fed to them is less nutritious, the food provided them is in less quantity and medical facilities are not up to the mark. And it’s just not about one animal it’s about several more, just like we cannot be more ashamed that are national animal Markhor Partridge is an endangered animal and soon it’s going to be extinct. And no one speaks about it. Elephant Kavan in Islamabad Zoo is kept in isolation as its mental health is not good so he is tied up in chains and is not given good medical support that let him to Stereotypical function.


Most cages in zoos are empty and the ones who are alive are on the edge of dying. And the main reason of this whole situation is our government’s lack of interest in hiring good staff. There is no clean environment, proper facilities. Animals have to live a tough life in Pakistan with the heat, making it even more unbearable. The heat in Pakistan is on the extreme, but it’s just not the heat, but they could not control the weather temperatures just, like, in Islamabad Zoo in the month of January 2019 lost four Nilgais in a week due to cold weather as no huts were constructed to keep the animals warm. Similarly elephants love to live a nice cool weather, but elephants in Pakistan are dying due severe heat. Just like a deer lost his life due to severe head injury due to its cage. In March three Bengal tigers died due to parasitic disease (it is an infectious disease cause or transmitted by a parasite). This tells us that the environment provided to the animals are not healthy. In November male cheetah imported from South-Africa passed away spending just 30 days due to diarrhea and it’s just not this there are thousands of more case’s we do not know. I don’t think Pakistan deserves zoos. If the animals could speak the humanity would cry.

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