Code (Novel)

Code (Novel)
29 Mar


By Kinza Ali, Rawalpindi

MONDAY 3rd November:

Dr Ansar glanced at his wrist watch for the fourth time; it was 5:45p.m. He was brought in this room 30 minutes back. It was an interrogation room of the local police station. There was only one table and two chairs in the room. He was sitting on one of the chairs, the chair across was empty probably for the interrogation officer to come. The room was illuminated by a single bulb and was partially dark. Dr Ansar looked at the single and the only door from where he came in but there was complete silence. He started tapping his fingers on the table in a rhythmic fashion and then he started thinking about the recent past. The sound of tapping fingers fading away in the past. Everything has happened so fast and quickly and he never stopped to think twice that if everything was going as he intended. But where this wrong step was taken, that’s very difficult to pin point. It may have started from the day when he thought he has made discovery of the century and entered his department exhilarated and euphoric.



Dr Ansar mounted the three short steps which took him to the entrance of his department of “SAW” (Science & Warfare). He was very happy today and wanted to share his discovery of last night with his immediate boss Dr Shamsud-din. He was feeling energetic and lively despite the fact that he worked till late night and hardly slept for four hours. But for him to find out the clue to the formula, he was trying to solve for the last 03 months was exhilarating. He was so suspicious the previous night that all his findings noted in his black folder and was supposed to be left in his office cabinet. He took these findings along with him when he left for his department. Now he entered the main lobby of his department, on the opposite side was the reception counter with the duty receptionist. The receptionist welcomed Dr Ansar; he gave a slight nod with his head and moved toward the only corridor to the left. The corridor had three doors on the left side and four doors on the right side. The left side doors had name plates, the first was of the department head Dr Shams-ud-din, while the second had his name plate and the last had name plate of scientific officer Amin Khan. Thus all the three rooms were occupied by the only executive of the department. He walked briskly towards his room and gave a quick glance to the door opposite on the right side. The second door on the right side was the well equipped laboratory where he was working feverously. He took out the keys from his pocket and after unlocking the door to his room entered it. It was a small room modestly decorated with simple furniture. He placed the black folder on his writing table and went toward the only set of windows on the opposite wall. He withdrew the curtains to let the glaring sun rays enter his room. The October sun was not so strong at these early hours of the morning. It was quarter to 8 a.m. and he was early today. In his excitement he was not able to keep pace of time, and arrived at the department very early. Now he realized apart from the subordinate and clerical staff, he was the only executive landed so early in his office. It was still another ½ an hour before other two officers were to come. Dr Ansar looked out the window and was able to see the fast disappearing morning dew on the grass. The colors of autumn were evident on the plants and trees. It was getting colder day by day; this reminded him to have a cup of tea. He turned away from the window and after sitting on his chair, called the attendant on intercom. The office attendant came immediately. Dr Ansar told him to bring tea and the newspaper. When the attendant came with the tea and newspaper, Dr Ansar told him to immediately inform him about the arrival of Dr Shams. When the attendant left, Dr Ansar started reading the newspaper and sipping his tea. He was still engrossed in reading the newspaper, when he heard someone knocking the door. On inquiring it was the attendant, he said after entering the room, “Sir Dr Shams-ud-din has arrived.” Dr Ansar said, the newspaper still spread in front of him, “Well that’s fine you can go now.” After the attendant has left he got up, hoping his attire was decent and clutched the black folder in his hand and moved out of his room to discuss and share his findings with his boss.

Dr Shams-ud-din had hardly settled on his chair, when the intercom started buzzing. He said in an agitated tone, “Well what is the problem.” His personal secretary said, “Sir Dr Ansar has come and is saying it’s important.” Dr Shams said after a pause “Okay send him in”, then after a brief pause added “make sure I am not disturbed while he is here.” He knew that if Dr Ansar had come so early after his immediate arrival then it must be something important. He just sank back in his seat and wait for Dr Ansar arrival. Dr Ansar entered his room and said, “Good morning Sir”, Dr Shams replied in same enthusiastic tone and beckoned him to sit down. Dr Ansar face was beaming and he appeared a little nervous. Dr Shams looked directly at him and when he was well settled in the chair across he said with a light smile “well Dr Ansar what brings you so early?” Dr Ansar replied with a faint smile “Sir with grace of God I have been able to complete and master the formula of our hypnosis drug, which was needed for our coding project”. Dr Shams, who looked interested, bend forward on his table and said, “That’s very interesting, may I know the details?” Dr Ansar knew his boss was not a doctor related with humanitarian sciences, but was a radiation biologist and prior to his department was working in the Nuclear Medicine Department and needed detail information regarding his findings. Dr Ansar started, “Sir I will briefly tell you about the combination of the drugs I will be using, my inspiration came from an article about Scopolamine mugging which is widely done in Bogota, Colombia. According to the article it is apparently used together with a tranquilizer, a mixture known locally as a new burundanga. There is transient episodic amnesia, in which an individual while maintaining identity and ability to perform everyday tasks can no remember anything about their actions over a certain period of time. Scopolamine also called hyoscine is an alkaloid derived from plants of the family Solanaceae has been used for ritual purposes for centuries, and more recently as an antispasmodic and in low dose as a sedative.” Dr Ansar paused and looked briefly at Dr Shams and was satisfied that he had his full attention. He started again, “I came to the conclusion that this Scopolamine was a wondrous drug and with the right combination and dosage, evidently a drug of profound importance for our coding project could be found. But the next step was the most difficult one, that finding the right combination. For this I had to wait for 8 weeks and eventually yesterday I hit the jackpot. Sir after the first ingredient of my concoction, I focused my attention to the group of benzodiazepine to complete the mixture. The groups of drugs in this classification are widely and safely used as tranquilizers, anxiolytic, sedative, muscle relaxant and anticonvulsant. But the main problem which took more than 2 months for me was to find the right type of benzodiazepine. I combined all the available benzodiazepine but was not able to create the right combination which serves my purpose. So I started experimenting to create a newer benzodiazepine, with the right half life and eventually a few days back I was able to come up with this new benzodiazepine with a very short half life. I have named this new drug as X.zepam. Last night finally the combination was perfect pharmacokinetically, theoretically for the time being.” Dr Ansar paused brought his both hands on Dr Shams table, leaned forward on his chair and after clasping his both palms in a very gleeful tone said, “this is really great isn’t?” then abruptly he was very serious “but sir, I need another favour to complete this project.” He was looking directly at Dr Shams, and after a pause added “please”. Dr Shams knew the look in his junior doctor eyes he has seen it before, it was a mixture of determination and anxiety, inside a fight between these two was going on, part of him knew that his senior doctor will give him affirmative answer to his request, but another part was apprehensive. Dr Shams said with a smile “what can I do for you now doctor?” He was happy to see him relieved. Dr Ansar leaned back on his chair and said very slowly “Sir, I need volunteers, human volunteers to test my combination.” This took Dr Shams with a surprise and he leaned forward in his chair this time and said, “Do you know what you are asking for” this he said laying emphasis on every word. Dr Ansar who was sitting relaxed in his chair now evidently disturbed himself said with a profound stutter “I, I…know it is difficult but not impossible for you, sir.” This further surprise and clearly agitated Dr Shams “what do you mean by this”. Dr Ansar said this with a pause, and rightfully composing himself “sir, I hope I have not hurt you in any way, what I wanted to say, was that I have been working with you for quite some time, and I know your respect and connection.”This clearly made Dr Shams a little relaxed, he said with a faint smile “how can my connections, be of assistance to you in this project?” Dr Ansar said “your connections play a major role in all our projects, I will not be wrong if I say that even the establishment and existence of this department depends on your public relation.” Dr Shams clearly exhilarated, said with a big grin “Dr Ansar I don’t want to hear all this now come to the point.” Dr Ansar knew that this was a chance of a lifetime said “Sir you can ask for human volunteers from your friend IG jails.” Dr Shams, who was smiling, now abruptly became serious and said “well my boy, you are right, he is the right man to ask for this favour.” Dr Ansar visibly happy said “sir your friend can only send those jail inmates who give their consent voluntarily and no one’s need to worry because I will be using the minimum dosage of drugs in my combination, with a wide margin of safety.” Dr Shams said “okay you prove your point but let me tell you clearly, there is no guarantee I could meet your demand, because it all depend on my friend.” Dr Ansar said, “your affirmation is a guarantee for me, I am confident whatever you set your mind on is good as done.” Dr Shams clearly embarrassed said, “This is enough, I will do what I could do, but right now I have to do many things.” Dr Ansar got up from his seat “sir thank you for your support and help, this has been the driving force in my entire endeavor”. Dr Shams quickly said “I didn’t mean you to leave, why don’t you have tea with me.” Dr Ansar said “I know your intentions, but we both have to do many things, thanks for your offer, I will keep it in my mind for later today.” Dr Ansar started towards the door to leave the room. When he reached the door, Dr Shams said “by the way, how many volunteers you need.” Dr Ansar standing next to the door said “sir, three will be enough”, and then after a pause added “good day sir” and left the room, with the black folder clutched in his arm.

It was 1:30 p.m. Dr Ansar was busy recording data from Mossbauer spectrometer, he was so involved in his work that he never heard Dr Shams entering his laboratory. He felt his presence when he was exactly standing behind him. Dr Shams said “I hope I am not intruding in your work.” Dr Ansar clearly surprised “not at all sir, you should have called me.” Dr Shams said “it has been so long since I visited your laboratory and I also wanted to tell you the good news.” Dr Ansar said with a wide grin “I knew it sir, you have done it again.” Dr Shams smiling himself “my friend was reluctant initially, but a little convincing and surety, was all he needed to change his decision then after a brief pause added “I have asked him to send these volunteers on Monday 6th October, hope you will be ready by then”. Dr Ansar said immediately “yes sir, I will be ready, thanks again.” Dr Shams said with a wave of the hand “don’t mention it I have to go now.” He then moved briskly to leave then stopped and said to Dr Ansar “If you are not too busy or have any prior appointment, come have dinner with me on this coming weekend we can also discuss your wonder drug in detail.” Dr Ansar said visibly happy, I will be happy to be there, sir.” Dr Shams then said “okay, and then be there by 8:30p.m. And left the laboratory.






Dr Ansar was ready by 7:30p.m and left his apartment after 10 minutes, the drive from his residence to that of Dr Shams was not more than 20 minutes, but he took extra precautions, leaving ahead of time, because he did not want to be late to his host residence. He was driving very leisurely and when he reached the vicinity of Dr Shams’ residence, he slowed down further, because he was 15 minute earlier. The neighborhood of this area was calm and traffic was thin. He parked his car a few houses before that of Dr Shams to past the time. He was able to see his boss house from his parked car. It was a big and impressive house inhabited by Dr Shams, his second wife and his wife’s son. Dr Ansar was thinking of an earlier visit when he joined “SAW” initially and was invited by Dr Shams at his place. There he met for the first time Dr Sham’s wife and son. They both were very courteous and it was during the course of conversation Dr Shams revealed that this was his second marriage and Armoghan was his step son. Dr Ansar later felt that although Dr Shams was polite man, but sometime very abruptly and without any reason his behavior towards Armoghan was very humiliating and sarcastic. This clearly had its affect on both his wife and step son and they were visibly apprehensive and anxious. Dr Ansar wished that this visit will not be a repetition of the earlier one. He glanced at his watch, it was almost 8:30p.m, he drove his car to Dr Shams’ residence and after parking, reached the main door and rang the bell. He heard footsteps and the latch was opened, Dr Shams was there “Welcome Dr Ansar, you are on right time.” Dr Ansar was led to the spacious and well decorated living room of his host house, “make yourself comfortable boy and no formalities because we have invited no one else” Dr Shams said. Dr Ansar sat down in one of the comfortable chair, his host sat across in another chair. Before any one said anything Dr Shams wife entered, after exchanging acquaintances, she also took a seat in the room. Dr Shams inquired from her “where is Armoghan, tell him to come immediately the guest has arrived.” Mrs. Shams replied “he will be coming; he was busy with his college assignments.” Dr Shams replied with a frown, “tell him to complete his assignments later, he must come down for now.” Before Mrs. Shams could reply, Armoghan entered the room. He shook hand with Dr Ansar and sat down beside him. Dr Ansar noticed that Dr Shams was staring Armoghan intently. He said “Well Mr. brilliant, you must mind your manner, I have instructed you many times earlier that, whenever my guest comes, you must come down to meet them leaving everything else for later.” The hidden sarcasm was evident and this clearly disturbed Mrs. Shams and Armoghan. Dr Ansar sensing the sensitive situation intervened and tried to diffuse the atmosphere “Sir, I believe Armoghan is more interested in his studies, than extracurricular activities and this will be helpful for his future.” This further agitated Dr Shams and he said “come on doctor, you must have noticed this boy, he waste a lot of his time in the garb of studies and he is clearly borderline retarded.” Dr Ansar was embarrassed; he knew part of what the professor was saying was true but he never anticipated that he will say this in front of the boy. Mrs. Shams clearly infuriated said, “you should not say such things in front of the boy this really embarrass him.” Dr Ansar now clearly disturbed himself and sensing the confrontation imminent, tried again to change the mood “sir, I think we all should forget everything said for now and concentrated more one enjoying this lovely evening.” This made all his hosts realized their faults and Dr Shams was the first to respond, he said “I must have over reacted and said things I should have not said, I am sorry if I hurt your feelings Armoghan”, he was looking directly towards his son. Dr Ansar followed his gaze and what his boss said about the boy earlier, was evidently clear. Armoghan was staring towards his step father, his mouth gape open and saliva dripping from the corner of his mouth, the typical idiotic looks. Armoghan sensing everybody looking towards him said, closing his mouth and composing himself “sir, I accept your apology, I should have come down earlier.” Dr Ansar noticed that Armoghan tried his best not to call Dr Shams anything that may reveal their relationship, but still he was relieved that the tension was averted. Mrs. Shams sensing the change herself got up and said “I think I should help in getting the dinner served.” Thus thereon the situation and atmosphere changed for good, everybody was in their right mood, and even Dr Shams was his oneself again. After dinner they came back in the living room and were having green tea, when Mrs. Shams excused herself to leave. Sometime afterward Armoghan also got up to leave. Dr Ansar said, “Take some time of your routine and come to yours father department, I will show you many interesting things, maybe you will be able to learn many new things.” Armoghan who was standing, looked to his step father before replying. Dr Shams may have seen the apprehension in his behavior said quickly “my boy Dr Ansar is right, you may visit him in his laboratory. I will rather suggest that in you coming semester break, you may visit him regularly.” Dr Ansar saw the relief on Armoghan’s face, he also got up from his seat and said “It is settled now as suggested by your father, you can come regularly to the laboratory, if you like to.” Armoghan clearly exhilarated said “Yes, I will surely like to come”, he got hold of Dr Ansar hands and shook them and before leaving said to Dr Shams “thank you father” and left the room. Dr Ansar took his seat and said to his boss “he is a good boy, a little attention and guidance can remove his handicap.” Dr Shams said “you are right but his real father was like this, I think this mental retardation runs in their family.” For a few minutes both said nothing they kept on sipping their green tea. This silence was broken by Dr Shams “I presume you have made all the necessary arrangement for conducting your experiments.” Dr Ansar said “Yes, Sir I have taken all the precautions deemed necessary, but I am quite sure nothing will go wrong”, then after a pause added “both of my ingredients have been widely used for a very long time. Scopolamine the active ingredient of henbane, was used as a stimulant in the orgiastic rituals of ancient Greece and Rome, as I have told you earlier that there is a loss of memory for the twilight sleep period which follows its use, the user is rather hyper-suggestible during this sleepy time. The second drug in the combination, the benzodiazepine is used in multiple situations. I will be using the lowest possible dose of both these drugs in the combination. The Scopolamine will be producing the initial affect, later on this sleepy situation will be prolonged and maybe enhanced by the benzodiazepine.” Dr Shams who was again listening Dr Ansar intently said “I am confident of your success, but clear one this last thing, how this combination will help us in our endeavour, or how can we use it in coding process.” Dr Ansar who was ready for any question replied quickly “Sir, it can be used very effectively in coding process, you must be knowing that coding process is a very long one and tedious process, the existing drugs and method take very long. Now with the right combination of the drugs I have mentioned, thus during the period under affect of these drugs it will be much easier to code the person in the shortest possible time. As I have taken extra care that half my combination is as short as possible and a brief history of the two drugs suggest their practical uses in molding the person mind to one’s liking. So once coded, we can use the subject at various situations, by just repeating the key word.” Dr Ansar paused, the blank expression on his boss face suggested that he was not yet satisfied, “Sir, we can code a spy across the border and with the repetition of the key word which can be done verbally or visually according to the available circumstances, now the subject will do what we have molded his mind to do, we can even code a terrorist and let him join his group and when required with the key word we can use that person for our benefit. These are just the few ways we can utilize the wondrous affect of our combination. Once perfected the combination, will be a formidable tool in the hands of law enforcing agencies for curbing terrorism and spying.” Dr Ansar was relieved to see the change on his boss face, he was convinced after all. Dr Ansar got up to leave after sometime, it was nearly 11:00p.m, he thanked his boss and left for his apartment.

After reaching his apartment he went straight to his bed, he wanted to get up early next morning, because he wanted to visit his department for giving the final touches for conducting the experiments without any flaws. He was sound sleep in few minutes. He woke from his sleep twice, but could not remember his dreams, although what he did remember was red colour, the colour of blood. He woke early in the morning very fresh and charged for the day ahead. After having his breakfast he went straight to the department. When he was satisfied with the precautions he had taken earlier for conducting the experiments, he came back to his apartment. He called his parents they were waiting for him, he told them he will be with them for lunch. He went to the market to purchase certain things for his parents and reached their place by lunch time. He was delighted to meet his elder brother and his wife, they had come very unexpectedly. His brother was a Major in the army and was posted at a very remote station. So what was expected to be simple luncheon, turned out to a family affair. They all talked a lot about old time and enjoyed each other company. Dr Ansar forgot all about his experiments and drug combination. He did not want to mention about his professional endeavour especially the current one, until he was successful. Dr Ansar also forgot the dreams which made him wake twice from his sleep. The dreams which were warning him of the things to come, the unfortunate fate waiting for him.






Dr Ansar after getting up early went straight to his office; he was clearly excited and was in a very good mood. He again wanted to make sure that all arrangements were complete, leaving no room for mistake. He has made all these arrangements for conducting the experiment in the room adjacent to his laboratory. This room was as big as his laboratory and it was very specifically renovated for conducting experiment under control environments. Most of the work previously done over there was carried out on experimental animals. This was the first time that human volunteers were used for any experiment. On the far corner of this room were two cubicles each with it separate entrances and one way unbreakable glass windows, so anything inside could be observe from outside, without disturbing the occupant. Dr Ansar had made elaborate arrangements for conducting his experiments in the two cubicles for 02 of the volunteers. He had brought one chair each for the cubicles with restraining straps. In front of these chairs, there was a stand for his experimental purpose. The room was fully equipped for any emergency, there was even an oxygen cylinder and a tray with all the injectables for thwarting any eventualities. In the adjacent laboratory he had made one temporary cubicle for third subject with all arrangements made in identical way. After checking and rechecking all the arrangements, Dr Ansar satisfied came to his office. He was sipping his tea, when he was told that Dr Shams has arrived. He immediately went to his office, when he entered his office he was having telephonic conversation with someone. He beckoned Dr Ansar sit down. Dr Shams when finished, inquire him about his experiment. Dr Ansar replied “I have not yet started sir; I am waiting for the arrival of the volunteers.” Dr Shams said glancing at his watch “Well, it’s almost 9:00 and they will be here by 9:30a.m”, after a pause he said “you know I am still apprehensive about one thing, and maybe you will be able to clear my mind of that doubt.” Dr Ansar a little surprised inquired “Sir, I will try my best to remove any doubt you have.” Dr Shams asked looking directly at Dr Ansar “honestly you don’t have any doubt about the ethical aspect of the drugs you are using? I mean to say, newer compounds or drugs are used after extensive research are carried out and they are properly scrutinized.” Dr Ansar was a bit relieved and replied with a faint smile “you are right proper scrutiny is essential, but as I have already told you that the combination I have been using is time tested and no new drug is being used in our experiment.” Dr Shams intervened “but you told me you were able to find a new drug you named X.zepam.” Dr Ansar, his smile broadening, visibly amused by the lack of his boss knowledge about the pharmacological preparation said, “Sir, I have already mentioned to you earlier that this is a drug belonging to benzodiazepine group currently widely used in multiple situation. I have only altered its chemical configuration, so basically it is the same group, but with a very short half life”, he paused briefly then said “so both drugs in the combination are time tested and I see no reason that they are being used unscrupulously.” Dr Ansar was relieved to see the tension fade from his boss face. Dr Shams visibly relieved himself with both hand extended and palm facing towards Dr Ansar “I am convinced and satisfied, there are no more doubts in my mind”, then pausing briefly said, “My boy let’s have a cup of tea, we have a hectic day ahead.” Dr Ansar after having tea with his boss was returning to his office to collect the three files marked one, two and three for recording the findings when he will be conducting the experiments on his three volunteers. He was informed about the arrival of the volunteers accompanied by the police. He quickly carried the relevant file and then briskly walked towards the main entrance. At the lobby his laboratory assistants were present; when they saw him coming they made way for him to reach the main door. Dr Ansar saw the armored vehicle parked close to the step. One of the police inspectors emerged from the front and came towards the back door of the vehicle. The back door was opened and another inspector emerged from it, he said something to the first inspector and then they stood opposite to each other, one at each side of the vehicle open door. Three constables then emerged from that door one by one and took their position alongside the inspectors. After a brief pause Dr Ansar rattling sound and then one by one the volunteered jail inmates appeared, they were followed by three more constables. Dr Ansar went out of the main door and welcomed them. He introduced himself and told them to follow him. He took these volunteers to their individual cubicles. He observed that two of the volunteers were young while the third one was middle age and apparently they all seemed to be in good health. The accompanying police force distributed themselves outside these three cubicles. Dr Ansar told these volunteers to take their respective seats in the cubicles. Dr Ansar after coming out from the cubicle, inquired from one of the inspector, “If it’s not a security risk then it will be easier for me to conduct the experiments, if you remove the chain on these convicts.” The inspector replied “this will not pose any threat for us because we will be vigilant outside the cubicle.” Dr Ansar satisfied, briskly walked towards Dr Shams office. He just reached the corridor, when he saw Dr Shams and scientific officer Amin Khan coming towards the laboratory. Dr Ansar quickly reached them and said “sir, the volunteers are well settled in their respective cubicles, I was waiting for you to start the preliminary examinations.” Dr Shams replied “I am excited as well as anxious about the outcome of your experiments.” Dr Ansar leading the way came to the set of cubicles marked 01 and 02. He has specially arranged on the far corner of the room seating arrangements, along with three television monitors for observing the volunteers individually on these monitors. When Dr Shams and Amin Khan were settled in their seats, Dr Ansar went to cubicle marked 01, he had in his hand file marked 01. After recording the initial information like name, age, brief personal history, past and present and family history, he carried out general physical examination. All along he was observed by Dr Shams on television monitor. When he was finished he moved on to cubicle 02, he repeated the procedure and recorded the information on file marked 02. This same procedure was repeated for cubicle 03. Finally he came back to Dr Shams and said “they all seem to be in good health and I am confident that everything will go smoothly.” Then from an adjacent drawer, he produced three small bottles marked 01, 02 and 03, he placed them on front of Dr Shams on the table and said “three bottles contain specially formulated capsules, with different amount of our combination.” He pointed to bottle marked 01, “this contain 30mg of Scopolamine and 3mg of X-zepam”, then he pointed to bottle marked 02, “this contain 40mg of Scopolamine and 6mg of X-zepam”, finally he pointed to bottle marked 03, “this contain 50mg of Scopolamine and 9mg of X-zepam”. He briefly pausing said, “Its nearly 11:00a.m, let start the crucial part of the experiment and pray for positive results.” He then strode to the cubicles and one by one gave the specially marked bottle capsules to the volunteers. This done he came back to the monitors and said “the medications will take about half an hour to register its effect.” Now the three of them started observing the volunteers on the monitors. After a lapse of ½ hour, all volunteers seemed to be relaxed and were seated in their chairs; they seemed to wear a look of daze expression. Dr Ansar said “you can see for yourself that the combination is working. I am positive that all the individuals will be hyper-suggestible and whatever we tell them to do, they will definitely do it”, he added after a pause “rather we can mould their mind in any way we like”. Dr Ansar then said “as I have mentioned earlier I have taken extra precautions to shorten the half life of my combination, so we have little time to implant the key word in the volunteer brain and also for suggesting the action which is to be repeated after hearing the implanted key word.” Dr Ansar after explaining after explaining got hold of the microphone and one by one activated the switch of respective cubicle. Now the volunteers could hear whatever Dr Ansar had to say. He gave a quick glance to all the three monitors, all the volunteers now had nearly lied down and were gazing in the air apparently at a fix locus. Dr Ansar said “their brain is sleeping while their body is waking.” Dr Ansar then said in the microphone “you all will only be hearing me and your mind will only register only what I will be saying and the action will be repeated after hearing the word I will be memorizing you.” After this Dr Ansar very enthusiastically and patiently started repeating the action to be carried out and the key word. The action to be repeated after hearing the key word “bullet”, was to take a ball point from the provided stand in each cubicle and mounted on this stand was a big poster of Gorilla and after holding the ball point in hand, the gorilla poster was to be pierce between its eyes. All this was a very simple action and could provide a proof for effectiveness of Dr Ansar formula in the process of coding. Dr Ansar repeated his simple action for many times that it was not able to keep pace of his repetition. It was nearly 12:45p.m when all his subjects went to sleep. Dr Ansar also seemed to be exhausted; he deactivated the microphone switch and then fell back on his chair. Dr Shams said “that was really hard work; you have time for a cup of tea Dr Ansar.” Dr Ansar replied “I certainly have and my subjects will be sleeping for a while.” All three of them then walked away to Dr Shams’ office. Dr Ansar gave instructions to the accompanying police force to inform him immediately when the volunteers wake.” At 2:00p.m all three returned to their seats. Dr Ansar observed from the monitors that one by one his subjects were waking. He provided with whatever they demanded for drinking. After a lapse of half an hour, when all his subjects appeared to be fully alert and fresh, he again activated the microphone system and said with galloping heart beat the key word “bullet”. Sitting next to him were Dr Shams and Amin Khan, fully observing the whole exercise. Dr Ansar after a brief pause was getting ready to repeat the key word again when he observed a visible change on faces of all three of the volunteers. All of them had blank look on their faces with eyes staring blankly towards the Gorilla poster. Then abruptly the two younger volunteers got up from their seats and got hold of the ball point and pierced the Gorilla poster between the eyes. Dr Ansar visibly happy exclaimed, “Sir look its working, my formula is a success.” Dr Shams with a broad smile had got up from his seat and was standing next to Dr Ansar, his hand on Dr Ansar’s shoulder said “well done and congratulations to you.” They were still observing the two monitors in which the volunteers were standing near the Gorilla poster and visibly out of their trance and a little confused. Bothe the doctors completely forgot about the third volunteer and their attention was diverted to him by scientific officer Amin Khan “he is very slow to respond to your command.” Both doctors still smiling started observing the third monitor. They saw the third subject, the eldest of the three; he was standing between his seat and the stand. The expression on his face was a mixture of confusion and fear. Then abruptly he swiftly moved toward the Gorilla poster on the stand. He got hold of the ball point and to utter surprise of everyone he started moving away from the poster. His face had extreme expression of surprise and agony. He was mumbling “keep away from me” and his left hand was extended out in defensive position. While he was still holding the ball point in his right hand, he was slowly moving back and then said aloud “this is too much I can’t face you anymore.” Then with an agonizing scream he thrust the ball point in his right eye ball, there was a loud popping sound when the ball point pierced his eye ball. He again screamed, maybe with pain and fear, red blood started oozing out from his pierced eye ball and started splattering the floor. Still screaming he fell to the floor and could be heard saying “get him away from me. I can’t him anymore.” Both Dr Ansar and Dr Shams who were observing the grotesque event and were late to respond to stop it from happening, got up from their position and started running toward the cubicle 03 in the laboratory. Dr Ansar was in the lead followed by Dr Shams and Amin Khan; their initial excitement of success waning to utter dismay. Dr Ansar when reached the laboratory door he started shouting “inspector stop him, he is out of control.” The police force deputed there were in confusion themselves and seemed to be in a fix to take any decision. When they heard the charging Dr Ansar to intervene, they swiftly moved inside the cubicle and with little effort were able to restrain the injured volunteer. Dr Ansar also had reached the cubicle and he introduced some calming medication intravenously to this agitated volunteer. He was finally shifted to some hospital emergency.

Dr Ansar was sitting in his office; it was nearly 5:30p.m. Only one table lamp was illuminating the dark room. It was fast getting dark outside. Dr Ansar himself confused about the grotesque episode. One of the staff attendants came to his room, “Sir, Dr Shams want to see you in his office.” Dr Ansar replied, “I am coming in a few minutes.” He was all along afraid to face his boss now specially after this untoward incident. Reluctantly and suspiciously, he went to his boss office. As far as he can remember Dr Shams has never stayed so late in his office, till today. Dr Ansar when entered his room, he was sitting silently and staring blankly. When he saw Dr Ansar he said “what a day to remember.” Dr Ansar took his seat in front of him but was silent. Dr Shams staring at Dr Ansar said “this took a lot of effort to cover up and a lot of explaining to do”, then after a brief pause “I will never forget this easily.” He laid emphasis on his every word. Dr Ansar was not finding the right word to answer his boss, the sense of guilt not letting him go, he was still silent. Dr Shams continued, “This is hard but I have to make this announcement now, the coding project and this drug is terminated, this project is aborted for good.” He was still looking directly at Dr Ansar. It was not easy for Dr Ansar to stand his piercing gaze, but still he mustered up some courage and said, “At least give me another chance to analyze where everything went wrong.” Dr Shams quickly responded “I don’t think this is possible now, I am already stuck up and in a fix how to satisfy my friend IG jail. Dr Ansar said “I know your position, but I have put a lot of effort in this project and everything going to waste due to a minor flaw.” Dr Shams said aloud “minor flaw? How can you say this, you have seen everything yourself the man nearly killed himself.” Dr Ansar said “that’s why I want one more chance to clarify my position.” Dr Shams said now in a very decisive tone “I am very sorry you will have to give up this project, there is no way I will let you continue”, then after a short pause said “pay heed to my advice, never tamper with human mind it is very complex and there’s always a blind corner and spot which give result so unexpected and heinous that it is beyond our control. You and me are witness to such an incident.”

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