Chit Chat With Bilal Khan

Chit Chat With Bilal Khan
08 Feb

By Madiha Yameen

Bilal Khan, the innocent lad with the voice so powerful, it makes you listen to it. He released debut album Umeed in 2009. He got nominated for Best Album at the 11th Lux Style Awards for the album “Umeed”.  He holds a BSc (Hons) degree in Politics and Economics from Lahore University of Management Sciences. Released on YouTube, Bachana swiftly got public’s attention. This eye-candy earned him Best Singer of 2010 and Best Song of 2010 voted by the Pakistan FM 103. Bilal Khan has sung the official soundtracks of two Hum TV drama’s including Mata-e-Jaan and Roshan Sitara. Read on what this 28-year-old singing sensation has to say.

Q) How far have you think you have came from you Maktoob days?
A: Musically, I have invested a lot in learning the tools that go with crafting a song. I have taken a lot of time off to learn from my experiences, working in live performances and with different producers and seeing how I can evolve.

Q) When can we expect a new album from you?
A: I don’t think the album is really something I am looking to put out but instead at this particular point I think I am looking to put out a lot of singles. I don’t want to take 2 years to make a statement; I want a few weeks to put out a new song.

Q) How was your experience of acting in “Tamana ki Tamana”? Would you like to relive the experience? Is there any acting opportunity coming up?
A: It was rigorous for me when I was doing it but now looking back at it I enjoyed a lot. We shot in 5 days non-stop and the last day we shot for 24 hours straight. I did get a lot of other opportunities but for one reason or another I couldn’t do it. I’d love to try it again though.

Q) What in the pipeline for the fans?
A: Like I said a lot of singles. A lot of music material whether it is fully polished or not. I think I want to explore cover songs too and see if there are creative ways of doing them.

Q) At whom do you look up? Who’s your idol?
A: I think in the later part of my 20’s I don’t have an idol or a career path I want to emulate. This might sound lofty but I would like to follow the unchartered path.

BK (3)Q) Career highlights?
A: Perhaps the touring, Coke Studio, fan encounters but mostly just a fan coming up and saying my song made their day.

Q) Why do you shoot your song videos in foreign countries?
A: I like the visual contrast. There were a lot of videos after I did Bachana of people just lying in fields with their guitar. I like pushing the boundary.

Q) Who was you first inspiration that drove you to this field?
A: John Mayer, who by the way I got to meet.

Q) You have a vast young-fans following. What message would you like to give to boost up their confidence in themselves?
A: Be smart, be sensitive and work 10x more than anyone else.

Q) What’s your favourite song at the moment?
A: I have stopped looking at song names but there is so much music I am streaming. I think the soundtrack of Nashville is awesome.

Q) What three things would you take with on a desert?
A: Water, sunscreen and more water.

Q) Imagine your house is on fire. You can rescue only one thing. What is it?
A: Probably the meaningful gifts I have gotten over time.

Q) Any young musician who has caught your eye?
A: He’s not really a young musician but I thought Abbas Ali Khan on Coke Studio had a great song.

Q) Message to the Smash! Readers?
A: Just Smash!BK (5)

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