27 Oct

Child Labor

Manal Fatima


Being a citizen of a metropolitan city, I have a privilege of observing the society. Every now and then I see children working at shops, on the side of the road, carrying weight, pulling carts, selling goods and working hard to earn a living. It is wretch to see children of my age and younger than me working to support their families.

Every child has a dream to become a person who lives a better life. This dream can only be fulfilled by giving rights. Everyone has the right to get an education. It plays an important role in our life as it makes our present and future. They also have a right to get medical treatment so they can live a healthy life. They should get clean drinking water. They have a right to have a shelter in which they can live. They have a right to get food to eat. According to W.H.O. one third population is starving.

It is time that we take a step for these children. The government plays the most important role in the development of the country. The government should make policies in favor of these children. They should give job opportunities to their parents so that their children can go to school instead of work.

The government is responsible for the management for people of the state. The citizen should strictly obey law. Beside the government   we are also responsible for the society we are living in. We should also help these unprivileged children. We can raise charity, convince their parents and pay for their education. We should treat them with love and respect. We can help them with our resources.

Every child has right to survive, develop, be protected, and participate in decisions that affect them. These rights apply to every child, irrespective of the child’s race, color, gender, caste, class or religion. It is our time to step forward and save the future of our country that lies in the hands of these little warriors.


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