Change Yourself

Change Yourself
22 Jun


We dwell in a society where everyone is striving for the survival. Where the problems like water scarcity, load shedding, poor transport, goods hikes are making the people’s life miserable where ignorance to severe diseases is nearing the people to death and social media websites are the dominant agents for creating a polarized and chaotic society.

Consequently the rate of mental illnesses is escalating and still we in oblivion where we are heading? Unfortunately no one contemplates that our aggressive actions, our wild behavior and our way to cope up things may have profound impact on others. It has been years we are facing the crises and now we have developed intolerance which is becoming a threat to our social life and our society in general.

We as a component of this country are to be blamed for the topsy turvy enrooted in our society. Yes! We are blameworthy. We don’t do things by ourselves, but we merely wish for someone to make the things easier and sort out the problems for us and yet we blame the politicians for all the mishaps which have sadly found a home. Perhaps we in our imaginary world are hoping for an angel to come down on earth and do something and we want to be dumbfounded? But none of us think that Allah has bestowed us with the aptitude and courage to change our conditions. Despite that we are leading a life a disable man lives.Ah! We are too stubborn, undoubtedly.

How many times have you heard the word “change”? Have you deeply thought of it for a while? If no, then it’s a high time to put aside all the things and think for the safety of your motherland. If yes, then you might have also thought how to change the worst and outrageous thing. But I am sure many of you failed to remove the dust rotting our society, the reason is, we judge others and pinpoint their flaws blatantly and consistently tell them about their wrongdoings which eventually feels annoying and insulting to them. All in vain? You become exasperated. You are literally missing something in the process of change and if you want to work on it you should abandon all the habits that are obstacles in your way to accomplish your task.

Here I am talking about your inner self. In order to wipe out the pathetic things that can jeopardize our country as a whole. Firstly you need to change yourself because there is no denying the fact that change begins with you. You can’t change anyone with force or persuasion but you can compel them to change him or herself by creating a good example of yours. To motivate you all, I want to share with you guys some of the habits that I personally implemented on myself and that became a source for me to change others too.

Many of you daily see heaps of garbage while walking on the road or travelling somewhere. Which first thing strikes your mind? How ineligible are the concerned authorities who can’t even clean up the area? But that very point we don’t criticize ourselves that we are indulge in this. Don’t you give forethought before messing up the place, maybe no, everyone throws, and who cares?

I myself used to throw away the trash but the feeling of guilt and the question what am i contributing for a better Pakistan pulled me to stop doing what I was previously doing. I actually inspired many people surrounding me, they at least don’t throw when I am present with them not because I dislike but it seems like they like the change and they praise me for this. I know it didn’t help to clean up the area but it did awake the sense of a good citizen in me and in others as well.

I regularly travel on bus from university to home. Everyone in bus are always in hurry, the jam packed bus suffocated with locked windows doubles the passengers’ anger and what else to say when scorching rays of sun accompany you. Honestly I leave my seat and stand up to let other passengers sit. It is not that easy to keep standing till destination. But I hold my nerves and firmly look ahead for the good things to happen. I still remember the aunt’s face when i stood up to give her seat, she grinned at me, gave her blessings and patted on my shoulders. Her curved lips made me feel proud that Yes! I have done something worthy. But this worth has nothing to do with money but kindness and generosity.

I might seem awkward to share this with you, but the soul reason to write this article is to tell you people that a minor change can make this country a heaven.

This minor change can result into major and can minimize our grief and agony and we will see life from a good aspect. This country is already flooded with hatred and faces casualties every now and then so why not spread love and peace. Nobody wants to be a victim or the culprit. Let’s do it. Change yourself.


Name:Nusra Obaid


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