02 Apr

Celebrity Profile : Zayn Malik

By Ellina Fatima


Zain Javadd (pronounced jaa-vaa-ad) Malik. He is usually known as ‘Zayn’, as he spells his name that way for more originality. He is a singer and songwriter. He was born on 12th January 1993.

He is the ex-member of the popular British-Irish boy-band One Direction. He has spent a total four and a half years with the band and made a strong bond with their fans. He officially announced his departure on 25th March 2015; leaving the Directioner fandom heartbroken.

He was born in Bradford, West Yorkshire, England. His father is Yaser Malik and his mother is Tricia Brannan Malik. His father is a Pakistani Muslim and his mother is English. His mother was converted to Islam upon marriage. He has an older sister; Doniya, and two younger ones; Waliyah and Safaa.

Zayn did not fit in any of his schools due to his mixed heritage of being Pakistani and English.  As a teenager he loved singing and performing and also took courses after taking a step on being on X-Factor UK.

When he was 17 year old, he auditioned for X-Factor in Manchester. He was eliminated before the final round of the competition. Simon Cowell grouped him with 4 other fellow contestants; Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson and Niall Horan for the whole season to form a new act. That band came to be known as ‘One Direction’, as named by Harry.

They soon became very popular, and by very, I MEAN VERY VERY POPULAR. They won 109 awards, and earned many platinum albums. They were named as the new ‘Beetles’.

He also got engaged to the beautiful member of Little Mix, Perrie Edwards in 2012 but they broke up in 2015. Perrie was reportedly the reason he left One Direction. Soon, he clarified that it was his own personal decision.

He said the reason he left was that the music One Direction made was never his cup-of-tea and the genre was something he would never listen to. He liked RnB and wanted his music to be similar to it. He said that the members on 1D knew that he was not happy with the music and hence, allowed him to do a little adlibs on RnB here and there. However, the management never completely allowed it to happen and it never made the final cut.

Soon after all this drama, he left One Direction, and started working with Naughty Boy and woof! There was too much too handle between Louis Tomlinson and his producer. After that he released a very new single, PILLOWTALK, featuring his new girlfriend Gigi Hadid in the video. His new solo album would be released ‘Mind of mine’ on March 25th, the day he left.

Quick Facts:

~Malik in Arabic means ‘king’ or ‘chieftain’.

~Despite living in Bradford, Zayn is a Manchester

United fan – just like Louis and Harry.

~Zayn has a soft spot for intelligent girls.

~Zayn’s favorite book is Harry Potter.

~ Zayn’s favorite song of all time is ‘Thriller’ by Michael Jackson.

~ Zayn is a Muslim and tweeted “La ila ha ill lalla ho Muhammed door rasoolalah”, a common declaration of Tawhid that means “There is no god but Allah and Muhammad is the prophet of Allah.”

~The crown tattoo on Zayn’s chest represents the meaning of his surname, ‘king’.

~One of Zayn’s most memorable motto is: “Never live life in the fear of death, no matter how hard life gets, don’t lose hope.”

~Zayn’s shoe size is 8-and-a-half.

~Zayn says the craziest thing he’s ever seen a fan do is hide in a bin to avoid security.


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