11 Jan

Celebrity Profile: NCT

By: Sukaina Abbas


NCT is one of the hottest rookie groups of 2016. Along with Blackpink, NCT has been my favorite new rookie group of 2016. I have known about NCT before their debut by their own reality show called “NCT Life” and their various appearances on different music videos.




NCT is a South Korean boy group formed by S.M. Entertainment. Their name stands for the Hallyu localization project Neo Culture Technology, a term coined by S.M. Entertainment founder Lee Soo-man to describe the group’s concept of having an unlimited number of members divided into multiple sub-units based in various cities worldwide.




The group’s six-member unit NCT U made their debut in April 2016. The second unit, NCT 127 based in Seoul, made their debut in July 2016.The third unit, NCT Dream made their debut in August 2016. NCT’s target is worldwide stage.




On April 4, 2016, S.M. Entertainment announced NCT’s first unit, NCT U consisting of six members: Taeil, Taeyong, Doyoung, Ten, Jaehyun and Mark. NCT U released double digital singles “The 7th Sense” on April 9 and “Without You” on April 10.




On July 1, S.M. Entertainment announced NCT’s second unit, NCT 127. NCT 127 is based in Seoul; with the number 127 representing the longitude coordinate of Seoul. The unit consists of seven members: Taeil, Taeyong, Yuta, Jaehyun, WinWin, Mark and Haechan. They debut with their song “Fire truck” and first mini album “NCT #127”.  On December 27, NCT 127 announced that they would be making a comeback with the addition of two members, Johnny and Doyoung. NCT 127 is the main sub unit of NCT.




On August 18, S.M. Entertainment announced that NCT’s third unit would be called NCT Dream. The unit consists of seven members: Mark, Renjun, Jeno, Haechan, Jaemin, Chenle and Jisung. Their first single Chewing Gum was released on August 24.




  • Taeil: born Moon Tae-il in Seoul, South Korea on June 14, 1994 (age 23).
  • Johnny: born John Seo or  Seo Young-ho in Chicago, United States on February 9, 1995 (age 22).
  • Taeyong: born Lee Tae-yong in Seoul, South Korea, on July 1, 1995 (age 22).
  • Yuta: born Nakamoto Yuta in Osaka, Japan on October 26, 1995 (age 21).
  • Doyoung: born Kim Dong-young in Guri, Gyeonggi, South Korea on February 1, 1996 (age 21).
  • Ten: born Chittaphon Leechaiyapornkul in Bangkok, Thailand on February 27, 1996 (age 21).
  • Jaehyun: born Jung Jae-hyun later changed to Jung Yoon-Oh in Seoul, South Korea on February 14, 1997 (age 20).
  • Winwin: born Dong Si Cheng in Zhejiang, China on October 28, 1997 (age 20).
  • Mark: born Mark Lee or Lee Min-hyung in Vancouver, Canada on August 2, 1999 (age 18).
  • Renjun: born Huang Ren Jun in Jilin, China on March 23, 2000 (age 17).
  • Jeno: born Lee Je-no, in Seoul, South Korea on April 23, 2000 (age 17).
  • Haechan: born Lee Dong-hyuck in Jeju, South Korea on June 6, 2000 (age 17).
  • Jaemin: born Na Jae-min in Seoul, South Korea on August 13, 2000 (age 17).
  • Chenle: born Zhong Chen Le in Shanghai, China on November 22, 2001 (age 15).
  • Jisung:, born Park Ji-sung in Seoul, South Korea on February 5, 2002 (age 15).


They have more sub units and members coming up in future so be ready!




They have many amazing songs but I will tell you my favorite. First you need to check out their MVs NCT U’s “7th sense” & “Without U”, then NCT 127’s “Firetruck”, “Limitless” & “Cherry bomb” and then NCT Dream’s “Chew gum”, “My first & last” & “We young”. Other than that check out 0 Mile, Another world, Summer 127, Taste the feeling and many more.


NCT is an amazing group and everyone should listen to them and to know them more you can watch NCT Life. They have won many awards like “New artist of the year”, “New artist” etc. They are truly awesome and I love them.

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