10 Dec

Celebrity Advice

Red lips? Cat eyes? Lip Gloss? Let us s see what our favorite celebs have to say on this!

  • Get that dust off your face by regularly washing it- Mary J. Blige
  • De-stress your puffy eyes with an eye cream- Kate Winslet
  • Smile- Beyonce
  • Hydrate- America Ferrera
  • Everyone loves to glow! Add a little shimmer to your matte base- Scarlet Johansson
  • Ever considered a lip stain on your cheeks? It does wonders- Jewel
  • I love to use a shimmery bronzer. It makes one look alive!- Eva Mendes
  • Use a hairdryer to curl your eyelashes – Isla Fisher

Nail Trends for Winter 2015-2016

Here we bring the latest nail trends for Fall/ Winter 2015-2016. It is all about swirls, black and white combo, sunset, and minimal. In all, you are free to experiment with all that makes you bold and daring.

Rounded Nails: Square nails are a love for many, yet the New York Fashion Week saw a frequent glimpse of rounded nails due to its down to earth and sophisticated appeal.

Short Nails: The upcoming trend invites shorter nails. Good bye to the fuss of chipped off nails. Give them a dripping blood look by applying a good red nail color. Yes, red is back!

Nail Art: Its winters and the season will welcome a new inquisitive nail art trend worth drooling over; Yes, this time it is all about amazing spaces. Fresh and youthful is the new call!

French Manicure: Looks like 2015-2016 nail trend tends to negate the status quo. This year, incline towards a more transformed look by adding a curve to the horizontal line drawn on the tips. Add in some outrageous colors like burgundy that would enhance the magic of white.

Metallic on the go!

What to have in your 2015-2016 winter makeup bag

  • CHANEL highlighting powder
  • BOBBI BROWN GEL LINER- goes perfect with a fine-tipped brush
  • MAC JACOBS LUST FOR LACKQUER LIP VINYL- Nudes are back in trend
  • INGLOT lip gloss- This high impact gloss gives you a 3D finish; give it a try!

Winter Trends

Keep glowing and remain warm with these winter must-haves

  • Boscia, the self-warming perfect cleanser for winters
  • LA MER CRÈME- the moisturizer
  • The PADDYWAX Candle that will provide you an atmosphere for your favorite read!

Straight from the Kitchen

Runny noses, sore throats, body ache, and that coarse peculiar tone of voice, is an explicit description of the advent of winters. Despite the love of long walks accompanied by a chilly breeze that caresses the face, the much awaited winter brings a number of health issues along with it. For this reason, we have some simple home remedies that will certainly let you enjoy your favorite season of the year.

Cold and Coughs

Ginger tea: Add one tablespoon of dried ginger in two cups of water and boil it for ten minutes. Strain in a mug; add few drops of lemon and raw honey to taste.

Skin Care

To exfoliate: Scrub your face by mixing honey with brown sugar

To moisturize: Add 1 teaspoon honey, 1 tablespoon powder milk, and 2 tablespoons yeast powder to ¼ cup of yoghurt. Apply this paste on your face. Let it cool for ten minutes and then wash it using cold water

Cleanse: Apply lemon juice for five minutes. Wash and dry your face and see the difference

Follow this routine regularly for a healthy, fresh, glowing, and break-out free skin.

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