Celebrating International Thank You Day!

Celebrating International Thank You Day!
08 Feb

By Madiha Yameen

This beautiful day is celebrated on 11 January every year. Thanks to Editor Afifa for putting it here. Read on who everyone is thanking for the tremendous year of 2014!

Michelle Imran
I want to thank my elder sister on this day as she is the one who knows me and supported me more than anyone in the world. It was this conference I was dying to go and all my family members opposed me but it was you, only you who favoured me. I just don’t know how to thank you but I guess you are worth more than this. All my family member are just magicians, they disappear when I am in trouble but you are the only friend I have who is there for me, sis thank you for being a critic who rips me apart not to bring me down but to make me soar high. I will never look at a celebrity or a famous personality as I have a sister like you.

Aeliya Fatima
Dear mum since the day I was small, till the day I became tall. Since I began understanding things, till the day I got my own wings. Your love has never fallen short. You have become my only support. I want to hold you tight and hug you; I just want to say Thank You. Mum all that I am or hope to be, I owe to my angel mother.

Aleem Zafar
2014 has been the most dramatic year of my life. I want to thank my family, Ali Zafar, Asim Azhar, Hamza Rehman, Ahmad Hassan, Huzaifa Qureshi, Saad Khan for all the fun experiences they brought into my life throughout the year. As they say life is a roller coaster, now you can either be scared or enjoy the ride. We released super hit stuff like Maahi Aaja by Asim Azhar and Kill Dil by Ali Zafar which I’m thankful for. 2014 made me realize that life goes on no matter how hard the situation is, all you got to do is hope for the best and expect the worst. Dream big!

Madiha YameenP423
What a ride it has been! 2014 brought a gazillion beautiful things which I’m thankful for. A big thanks to Allah Pak for all these blessings: a novel, some great jobs, awesome friends and inspiring teachers. I haven’t got where I always wanted to be, yet, but I’m getting there. Vicissitude of life is life so never let it bring you down. I’m not going to name names as “you” know who you are and I love you! Thank you with chocolate chips on top!

Anamta Zulfiqar
I would like to thank my parents and would like to express my gratitude to them as they supported me whenever I needed them, especially when after my Matriculation Examination; I was confused and had no idea what to do next. My parents then suggested me to take up arts in Intermediate. It was difficult for me mid-session but I coped as my mum helped me a lot. With her never-failing support I scored first position in the entire college.

Ken Zeerick
I really want to thank this year as it has bought me so much happiness and success. It made me able to meet my expectations about my music and myself as well. I have been busy playing gigs throughout the year and my experiences remained amazing so far, excited about the upcoming projects. I have been fortunate to spend a good deal of time with my band-members, would like to thank my friends and family for always being there for me and for their unconditional love and support. I’m truly grateful to God for the wisdom, success and the prominence he has blessed me with.

Wajiha Mustafa
I want to thank my parents because they supported me throughout my life. All the time, in every step I take they support me. Scold me, sometimes love me, that’s how they teach me. They supported me in my every decision. When I opted for humanities in Intermediate, everyone was shocked and discouraging but you guys were like “Achieve your dreams. We’ll always be there for you”. They’re like a protective unbreakable wall. Love you Mama and Baba. Be me. Bear with me always and forever.

Laraib Anjumthank-you-love
2014 was a year with the best memories I made. It made me who I am today, surely a better person. The trend of people leaving and coming goes along with life but the real ones stood by my side this year. Other than my family there was this person who made me believe in myself. Who helped me through my toughest times, stood by my side no matter what. He not only believed in me but also loved me with all that he had. At times words are less to describe someone who is close to perfect and he’s one of them. I thank this person wholeheartedly for believing in me, for trusting me, for loving me this much…Thank you.

Hafsa Javed
I’m going thank my brothers because they are the only one who knows how to make my life good. I feel lucky to have them in my life and I guess I am blessed by God to have them because the oldest one (Haris) is so annoying but very caring and the middle one (Haseeb) who is my crime-partner but side by side he teaches me how to handle problems in a good way. I pray for long peaceful lives for them because my life without them will be horrible for me.

Aymen Arif Malik
It is not happy people who are thankful. It is thankful people who are happy. We spend so much time complaining, mourning the past, and waiting for future, that most of us don’t actually appreciate and acknowledge the present or the people who are with us that very moment. I want to thank my Allah jee, for showering me with almost all the blessings of this world. I especially want to thank my beloved parents for being the friendliest, understanding and compromising people I have been with. Mum you are an amazing woman. Dad, you have inspired me in ways you don’t even imagine. Thank you so much my three devil bros for always respecting me and being my partners in crime.  Thanks to all my friends, my respected teachers, my Khala Jan and Appis. I need to tell all of you people, that I love you and value you so much.

Prince Champhealth-clip
Ah! This year was a blast for me. Not just in the game of music but it went overall super fantastic. And for that first on the mark I want to thank Allah Pak and then my parents. Why? Because they are the one who bless me up with all that support and love. And you all can see now where I’m standing.

Rubab Ali
2014 has been the best and most adventurous year for me and there’s only one person to thank for it: my best friend. 2014 is the year I found someone who truly understood me, accepted me for who I am, believed in me, supported me when I needed it the most and ‘handled’ me so well that often I, myself, was left surprised. It’s almost… unbelievable that such a person could exist. If I’m something today, that person played the most important role in my journey. Thank you for being a part of my life, making this year beautiful and giving me loads of golden memories. I love you!

Aden Choudhry
Thank you is the word which gives ultimate pleasure to the giver. Through Smash, I’d like to say biggest thanks to my parents for their prayers which led me across the hurdles and for fulfilling my every wish which might be heavier than their pocket capacity. Thanks for keeping trust on myself and a big thanks to those who been jealous to me throughout the year and I made them more jealous by achieving success in 2k14.

Bakhtawar Karimson-clip-ar
The 2014 was definitely a year to remember. There are so many people I would like to thank because they made it a very memorable year but the special ones whom I’d like to thank are my parents. It might sound a very typical thanksgiving but seriously if these amazing people weren’t with me I’d had made a mess out of my life. It’s because of you two that I have been such a success. The moment I was coming to Karachi to study medicine in AKU, the tears of pride in your eyes made me rapt that at least I have done something for you in my life. I can never return your blessings and I also don’t want to, because I want to be indebted to you. Thank You!

Eisha Ajmal
I would like to begin with a Hadith reported by Abu Huraira, (which means) “He has not thanked Allah who has not thanked people.” Firstly I would like to show my gratitude to my parents who have done so much for me and been there for me since day one. Their support and encouragement has been such a great help. My siblings have also done a lot for me, so because you’re not going to hear this every day, hear this now and remember it “Thank you!” This also goes for everyone who has ever helped me and wanted good for me. Lastly, I would like to thank one of my favorite Mangakas, Masashi Kishimoto for the beautiful story of Naruto, whose manga ended in November 2014.

Afrah Masood
I have always dreamt fearlessly and my life has been put to the test more times than I can remember, but there’s never been a situation I couldn’t overcome. I thank  my parents, my siblings, my band Soch, my team and most importantly the gem of all the  gems is my hubby, Murtaza; He has always given me the courage and motivation to soar. My hubby, parents, family and friends have given me strength, unselfishly put my needs before their own, and are the reason I’ve progressed so well and continue to thrive. We may have had our fair share of difficulties along the road but we have each other, and that’s all I could ever ask for. Thank you all!

Asfa Mumtaz
The bond of friendship is such that it goes beyond what words can ever expressed. Friends come into our lives and enrich our lives forever. I would like to thank my sweet friend Husna. I feel so happy knowing that I can share all the madness that the world gives, with you around I can simply shout back to the world now who else can listen attentively to my nonsense chatter and philosophical rumblings with equal care? Who else but you!clipart-thu

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