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Meryem Sarah Uzerli

Sadaf Abbas

Full Name: Meryem Sarah Uzerli
Date of Birth: 12 August
Age: 32
Profession: Actress, Model
Education: Masters in English and German
Languages: fluent in English and German. Can speak Turkish too
Family: Her mother is a German actress. 2 Brothers that deal with business and sister belong to a famous musical band.

The all new, Glamorous and shining star of Turkish blockbuster serial “MuhtesemYuzyil” (Mera Sultan) MeryemUzerli is well known for her adorable role as Hurrem Sultan. Meryem captured a lot of attention and compliments for her heart winning acting in the serial. The serial broadcasted in more then 80 different countries and 18 different languages was a super hit and gasped almost 500 million dollars for each episode. The Drama got a lot of fame in Pakistan as well. With this beloved serial came a new face MeryemUzerli who played the main role Hurrem Sultan for almost three seasons. Uzerli was chosen for the role after about 14 months of hard work by the director and producer. Interestingly, a few big names of Turkey including BerenSaat and Hazal Kaya had rejected the role before.

“The story is old and I don’t think people would be interested in seeing a lot of palaces and those dragging frocks they want me to wear,” said Hazal Kaya speaking about her rejection for the role. But the world was amazed when they saw a new face doing the big role. “Meryem pictured the role and created an image as if she was the original Hurrem,” said fans.

Uzerli was born in Germany and started doing theater when she was 7 of age. She continued it till 27. After which she was offered the role in MY and moved to Turkey. Here, Meryem Stayed in Turkey for 2 years and did her role with hard work. During this period she met the big names of Turkey: Selma Ergec, NurFettahoglu and HalitErgenc who were already popular and well known. Due to her sweet and polite nature she soon made a strong bond with the actors and then came a lot of photos featuring Uzerli with Selma and Nur. Selma Ergec who is a professional model and has walked the ramp for America as well helped Uzerli to the stage of Louis Vuitton and Elle (Turkish Beauty Brand). In this way, she started her career as a now model of Turkey.

Fan Facts:
1. Uzerli has spotless skin. Not even a single mark is seen on her face or body!
2. Uzerli can’t wear a lot of makeup. She prefers only gloss and eyeshades.
3. Nickname of Uzerli is Mery.
4. She suffers from Burnout Syndrome that leads to a lot of problems in her scenes. Most of scenes are captured either in palaces or dark places.
5 .Meryem was over worked in MY. She did almost 15 hours of work everyday to record a 100 minute break less episode of serial.
6. She had Brocken up with her BF for cheating on him. He wanted her to transfer all her money in his accounts. “He wanted money only,” said Uzerli announcing her break up.
7. She has a daughter called Lara Uzerli who looks totally like her mother!
8. Selma Ergec firstly didn’t like Meryem but later on, on an Eid Occasion Meryem made Baklava for Selma which made her happy.
9. Selma isMeryem’s Best Friend and had come with her to Germany when Lara was born. She helped her financially too when Mery ran out of money after leaving her role.
10. She lived in a comparatively bad place as compared to other actors. She wasn’t a very rich actress as she was paid less than other leading roles. According to the Director this was the reason why she left the serial. However Meryem withdrew the fact in her conference.

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