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10 Dec

Social Sciences at a glance!

By AtikaMaisam

Our flickering lives face a number of challenges, without which, everything is faint. The transitions we go through are marked with rigor, enthusiasm, and fear. With a blink of an eye, a child grows into an adult, ready to step into a life encompassing work, family, and financial responsibilities. In order to survive and to compete in this world, education is a must. When I say education, I do not refer it to be a mere method of memorizing textbook information. It has more to it. It might sound a cliché that educated individuals are the backbone of the society; they actually are! We are often told that an uneducated, illiterate mother results in a similar generation. Scrutinizing the state of the street children and the maids at our place makes the aforementioned statement self-explanatory.

Amongst the wide variety of challenges we face, choosing a career tops the list. Medical, Engineering, Computers, Arts or Psychology, are amongst some of the confusing fields one has to finalize. This dilemma is often solved and made easier with the help of parental guidance and career counseling, that is almost absent amongst wide range of students.

When it comes to deciding a career, there are several disciplines that you can choose from. One such is the currently emerging and developing field of Social Sciences that has all the treasures of the society. When you say Social Sciences, get ready to dwell in the field of unknown where subjectivity dominates. ‘My right might not be your right, and your wrong might not be my wrong’ is the basic premise of the field. You will eventually get to study History, Journalism, Media, and South Asian Literature, learn French, explore the Middle Eastern world, Sociology, Economics, and Psychology. In other words, you will study a wide variety of subjects where you will major in one of the fields amongst Psychology, International Relations, Sociology, and Economics, in your last year. At the time of your graduation, you will be well-equipped with knowledge of your local market as well as the international world.

Being a Social Scientist, you can choose a career as a Psychologist, as a researcher in any of the field previously mentioned, enter Journalism, opt for social work (you will get a chance to be a part of United Nations!), or become an Economist. Therefore, the field does not limit you to a certain place (for instance, a bank). It leaves you with a pool of prospects to choose from on the basis of your foremost interest.

Friends, I have taken a degree in Social Sciences, and I am currently into the field of Journalism and Psychology. I will however, definitely say, that I am an achiever. Remember, life is so unpredictable that you will never know what point you will reach after 10 years. Man can only struggle, and that is what we are supposed to do. It does not matter if you end up getting married and are not allowed to work in an office; you can always freelance and utilize your skills in educating your own children. Education is being enlightened. What you study and ingest, becomes a part of your personality that will always remain your asset. The exposure that you receive will help you stand up to the difficulties that life throws at you. For this reason, never hesitate to jump into the puddle of knowledge. This is the time, this is the age! Take a move, and you will celebrate!

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