03 May

BTOB Feel’ eM


My 4th love is back again and I couldn’t be happier about the direction their music is going towards. Now I love the New Men album and I wouldn’t lie if I said it was in my top 3 best albums last year so it’s a hard one to beat for me. But anyway here we go with a mini-review.




The mini starts off with a jazzy number. It actually sounds quite good. I know this may be only me, but it sounds similar to their title track. The only difference is that Just Say It sounds better. Everything fitted perfectly into the song. From the easily transformed vocals to the (harder to fit in) rap sequences. You really do not expect raps sequences to fit in with a jazz number, but here it works. The vocals are superb, especially those higher notes sung during the chorus. While there was a more defined and ‘louder’ beat in the title track, everything about the instrumental in this song is perfect. The snaps to the guitar dominated instrumental, everything felt right.


  1. MOVIE


Strong title track that fits Btob perfectly! Hyunsik starts out strong and then the amazingness just keeps coming. Ilhoon rapping is great as always. Changsub pre-chorus falsetto gets me squealing like a little kid.


And then I met my worst enemy: heavy auto tune! Now I really hate that part but luckily it’s over after a few seconds. Minhyuk then kills me over and over with his rapping and I swear to God he’s trying to steal my heart! Send help! Oh and then there’s Peniel too! Boy has that man grown a lot this past year; he’s really coming out of his shell and it’s wonderful to watch! Once again we get this great Earth, Wind and Fire sound and the bass is so on point!


If I’m going to say anything about the MV I got to say that that as well fits them perfectly. It’s so Btob; going from great acting to humor in only seconds! And I’ll say it again, Minhyuk stay in your lane!!




First ballad of the album but it still fits within the sound of the overall album. Those first two lines sung by Minhyuk gives me life! I just wish we’d get more of his singing! The pre-chorus stole me; it was my favorite part of the song. The chorus is really beautiful, Changsub and Hyunsik nailed their parts and their voices fit perfectly.


For many people this song might not be their cup of tea but for those who like soothing songs with a calm melody will definitely love this song!





“Rock N Hip-hop” is a real game changer as it will completely throw you off as the boys flip the switch on their concept. This song is well-crafted and contains every element to make you addicted and keep this song on repeat.


The beat is fast yet calm, the vocals are steady and clear and it contains a lot of English lyrics which make it easier for international fans to sing along to. “Rock N Hip-hop” shockingly has a heavy dose of swag that cannot go unnoticed and showcased a new side of BTOB that I would love to see more of.




Towards the end of the album, BTOB return to their original ballad sound in “Someday.” As expected the ballad is well done and familiar, making it easy for new and old fans to enjoy their perfect vocal ranges. “Someday” is heavenly as it utilizes a lot of violins, silence in between the bridge and refrain and has minimal distractions in the instrumental. Overall, it is a great balled to conclude the album with.




What I really love about the album is how well it all works together. You could tell they were going for a certain sound and feeling with this one. You really Feel ’em. Ey ey, see what I did there!? And I love that Btob continues to push their sound forward and try out new things while still keeping the elements and great qualities of BTOB. Rating: 8/10

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