29 Aug


Marwaa Mukhtar, Lahore.

Hi readers, as we all know that we are on holidays and specifically on summer holidays where there are less chances of staying outside than inside, people prefer to pass time reading books. So this time, I have got a bunch of books to share with you people and that are mostly read all around the world. Plus I have read all of them and therefore, I am going to give you the right opinion.



It is a story about a professor who is going to face a murder of a scientist following a series of bloody events in the holy city of Vietnam. This will eventually lead to the criminal side of the scientist and will unleash the ancient symbol that has been forgotten for thousands of years known as the ILLUMANITI.



It is a book about three orphans whose parents die in a fire. As a result, these children get to live with their second uncle who is interested in the wealth that these children are going to inherit from their father. Their lives turn miserable and they can’t do a thing about it.

    It is a wonderful book just like its title. It is written by R.J Palacio. It’s a story about a boy who has got a disease from the day he was born. This disease is known as “mandibulofacial dysostosis”. He is home schooled due to it but when his parents plan to send him to school, it strikes him. Despite this, he plans to do what his parents have decided. A bright future with little hurdles is awaiting him in the school…
    It’s one of the most best-selling book worldwide. It’s related to fiction. A boy named Thomas wakes up in a box and finds himself in middle of a great maze – which is surrounded by gruesome creatures known as Grievers with several other boys who call themselves gladers. But he doesn’t know that a really dreadful truth is awaiting him in the maze. With the urge to leave this place, they are ready for any challenge that is going to come in their way… The story continues with thrill in ”The Scorch Trials” and then ”The Death Cure”. And it is a must read for the fans of ”The Hunger Games” (just like me).


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