Beauty – Amazing Cosmetic Uses Of Olive Oil

Beauty – Amazing Cosmetic Uses Of Olive Oil
08 Mar

By Aneesha Rashid, Sialkot

Olive oil is a fat (good fats) obtained from the olive, a traditional tree crop of the Mediterranean Basin. It is one of the most beneficial natural products. Besides the flavourful taste there are numerous health benefits of olive oil. It is full vitamins, minerals, proteins and can be used to keep nails, hair, skin healthy and beautiful. Let’s discover some amazing uses of olive oil. I hope that I will convince you to add olive oil in your beauty care routine. So put a bottle of olive oil with your makeup products.

AOO (14)Natural Moisturizer

Olive oil makes the best moisturizer, especially in the winters we’re currently passing through. It is suitable for almost all the skin types. It soaks into your skin easily and makes your skin smooth. It also contains vitamins and antioxidants that help to repair damaged skin.

How: Pour a little amount of olive oil on the palm of your hand and rub it onto your arms and face. Massage your face. Wait for 5 minutes and then rinse with lukewarm water.

Eye Makeup Remover

It is a natural product to remove your eye makeup and is way cheaper.

How: Swipe your lids with a cotton pad dipped in a bit of olive oil to free yourself from your eye makeup.

Prevent Aging & Skin Damage

It contains four different antioxidants, which help fight off the free radicals that cause aging and skin damage.

How: Rub it on your face and massage. Wash off after 10 minutes with luke warm water.

Treat Sunburns & Good Sunscreen

Olive oil not only helps in treating sunburns, it also works really well as a sunscreen.

How: Mix equal quantities of olive oil and tea decoction (tea boiled in water and strained) and apply all over the body and face. Leave this on for an hour. Rinse, don’t wash, so that it leaves a residue on the skin. This will act as a natural sunscreen for you and treat sunburns.

Chapped Lips

You can use olive oil alone to condition and protect lips from drying out or becoming chapped.

How: Use it just the way you would use lip balm or petroleum jelly, smear a bit on whenever your lips feel dry, and put a little on at night for good measure. However it is not advised for people with oily skin.

Treat Itchy Scalp & Dandruff

Dandruff is usually caused when the scalp becomes dry and flaky, causing those unsightly white flakes. Olive oil is a natural moisturizer. When massaged into the scalp it will moisturize your scalp, reducing the appearance of your dandruff naturally and it soothes itchy scalp.

How: Just massage the olive oil onto your scalp it will reduce the itchiness, dandruff and rinse. You can also leave it overnight; don’t forget to wear your shower cap. Rinse in the morning.

AOO (12)Solution For Frizzy Hair

Dry hair is brittle hair and even just brushing your hair can cause split ends that turn your hair into a frizzy mess. Using olive oil on just the ends of your hair moisturizes those brittle ends, and will help smooth down the split ends, taming the frizz and the flyaway hairs.

How: Apply a little amount of olive oil to the ends of your hair and rinse after an hour or two. You will gradually notice the result.

Adds Shine

Healthy hair has a natural shine but dull and weighed down hair looks lifeless. So olive oil gives your hair the natural shine it needs.

How: Use it just like a conditioner and rinse after 5 minutes.

Dry Nails & Cuticles

Olive oil makes your cuticles moist and nails shiny. It is the perfect solution for dry nails and cuticles. So instead of using cuticles creams use olive oil.

How: Rub a few drops of olive oil on your nails and cuticles.

Treats Brittle Nails

Nails become brittle when they dry up. As the nails lack oil and sweat glands, it is very important to moisturise the nails. For this olive oil is a good option.

How: massage with olive oil every night to treat brittle nails naturally. Do this thrice a week to treat brittle nails.

Nail Growth

This is another use of olive oil for nail care. Mix olive oil with tomato pulp or juice. Apply on the nails as well as cuticles in order to enhance the nail growth.

How: You can also soak your nails in the mix for 10-15 minutes. Rinse with cold water and pat dry. Do this twice a week to increase nail growth easily. Tomato contains biotin which increases growth of nails naturally.

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