Basant The Festival of Kite Flying

Basant The Festival of Kite Flying
29 Mar


According to the poet Kalidesa

“Rivulet and streams suddenly started fellowing, mango bear flowers, honeybees hum and Love GOD enamors the heart in Basant”

Basant is the festival of kites flying ,In Punjab region Basant is celebrated as a seasonal festival by all faiths .This festival is also known as Jhasan-e-Bharan .this name refers to the welcome of spring season ,as basant us known as the first event celebrated for welcoming spring season ! Basant is celebrated in the month of February every Year. As this festival is all about kites so the name is given to this festival is “Kite Flying festival”.

Firstly the concept of celebrating Basant was introduced by Maharaja Ranjit Singh .As Basant was a centuries old traditional cultural event so it was celebrated before separation of India Pakistan as well .According to them it is the gradation of kite flying on Basant over the two hundred years ago. Those times are simple as compare to now, so people just fly kites and dress their self typically like women do prefer to wear Saris while men do wear big turbans with shalwar kameez.

Basant is an old tradition, now which becomes popular in the Punjab region. It is centuries old tradition, people still love to celebrate this with full passion and new generations happily adopt this tradition too.

Basant is an Indo-Pak seasonal festival people of India and Pakistan still celebrate this event with the same zest and zeal.

Basant is considered as  the most colorful and joyful event .This colorful event is all about kite flying, kite lovers love to spend their days all long in flying kites. To celebrate this event people do fly kites.

As the month of February starts, the kite makers start with their work of making kites. They decorate their shops with kites and also hang some lights on their shops for catching attention of the buyers. They do take orders from many different brands and companies to make their customize kites. They make a variety of kites.

Kites of different colors, sizes and even shapes were made by them, they use different patterns for giving kite a new trendy look .they use vibrant colors for making kites more attractive. Besides kites “Dorr” is also prepared. Dorr is the special thread use to fly kites; this special thread is embedded with cut glass to make it stronger, so it could serve to cut the thread of other competitor’s kite.

Sellers also make a variety of white kites, because at night white kites are much preferred then colored.

Many cities of Pakistan celebrate this festival with massive passion like Lahore, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Multan, sukkar.

Lahore is the city which is known for its richness in culture and festivals. In Pakistan Basant festival is truly celebrated in Lahore .In some specific area of Lahore which is known as “Andhroon Lahore”.

Not only from all over the Pakistan, people from all over the world love to visit those specific areas of Lahore these days .Because laborites celebrate this event beautifully. In Lahore special type of arrangements was made, special themes were set for Outfits.

As Yellow is known as the color of Spring, the yellow outfits were most commonly worn by girls .Girls do prefer to do traditional dressing on this Eve .As Shalwar kameez is our traditional dress and girls do prefer to wear shalwar kameez, they choose vibrant colors for their outfits like Yellow, green, red and orange .with different color dupatta, matching bangles add more glam to their looks, without khussa traditional dressing is incomplete. On the other side boys makes groups and set a theme for basant Eve. White Shalwar kameez is mostly preferred by boys with yellow duptta. Boys seem busy throughout the basant Eve in buying kites and Dorr, although boys hate shopping but when it comes to shop for basant they don’t ever say no.

On the day of celebration the blue sky is beautifully covered with vibrant, colorful kites, the different colorful and different shapes of Kites create an eye-catching view for the viewer’s .everyone was watching the sky.

“Pinna pakrao”….,”Dorr Charo”…hurrah!!! “Pacha lag gaya” “Dheel day” and the most important “Booo Kaataaa” Boys are shouting these victory slogans and meanwhile the big stereo deck playing “patang Baz sajna say ,patang Baz balma day” this truly shows their passion for celebrating this Eve,the pleasant cool breeze also makes the environment more comfy .

All these arrangements were usually made on the high rooftops or in big grounds or in parks too.

Special arrangements of Food, Dance and Music add more joy in the celebrations of Basant.

Different competitions of kites flying were held between group’s .the competitors who successfully cut the thread of the kite of others competitor stands as a winner, some sort of gift was given to him. There is a lot of fun in attending such gatherings people of all ages come and enjoy the Eve.

Nowadays people give this event a new color a color of business, different types of functions were arranged like music concerts and official kites flying competitions.

But unfortunately by 2007 the Government of Pakistan has banned this colorful event strictly because anyone side this event is the reason of enjoyment and gatherings but on the other hand this event also become the reason of deaths of many. while the whole world is celebrating this Eve many accidents do take place .Some Dorr makers use harmful chemicals In making of Dorr which results in death of kite lovers .So the only option government has is to ban it ASAP and kite flying is considered as a crime now  ,But still some people secretly celebrate this event .

But now Basant become one of the lost festival of Pakistan .This colorful event list its charm .Now in name of Basant festival some outdoor functions were arranged where kites are only used for decoration purpose.

But over the years it is gained an element of controversy as the fundamentalism wiped the norms of tolerance and coexistence from our society disregard of law and for the lives of fellow citizens turned it into the bloody spot.

Name= Maryam Kausar Khan


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